Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sidewinders Throw Jessie a Baseball Party

Although tornadoes loomed, and lightening lighted the sky, Jessie and the Sidewinders had a great party!!

Jessie plays T-Ball at Aledo Athletics on the Sidewinders. Or as Jessie would say, "We're Snakes!!!". She started the season with two hands, and now has to bat, catch, and throw with just one hand, but she still loves it and hits as well as most of the kids in the league. She is amazing.

Well, the Sidewinders decided to have a party for her the night of the big storms in Aledo, and it was a great time for the kids and parents. The Thurman's hosted the party at their beautiful home in Stone Creek, and allowed the kids to run rampant in their home after the lightening began. Thanks Paul and Melissa!! We'll help with the carpet cleaning bill.

Each kid made a patch for Jessie, and they were all sewn together into a beautiful quilt for Jessie. Also, Coach Thurman presented Jessie with a Baseball Bunny, with his recorded voice telling Jessie to "Swing for the fence!" She played the message over and over and over. John's mom made a beautiful baseball cake, and Hailey's parents brought the bounce house.

Thanks to all the parents for making this such a special year!

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