Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jessie's Day on April 4th at School


Mrs. Seay, the principal at Jessie's school, declared Friday, April 4th as "Jessie's Day" at school. Everyone will be wearing pink as a send-off to Jessie for her Make-A-Wish trip.

Here is a link. (not sure how long it will be active) http://www.aledo.k12.tx.us/se/

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. They mean so much to us.


Anthony said...

Hi Cris and Kristi, My name is Anthony Hickman and I saw your story last night on CBS 11, I thought it was touching and I can only imagine what you are going through, so I thought what could I do to help. I went bed last night and woke up this morning with Jessie on my mind. I immediately began to pray for her and I asked GOD to heal her of her sickness and give you all peace through this situation. As I was praying He told me to meet with you before the surgery and pray for Jessie. So if it is ok I would like to meet with you guys and pray before you go into surgery. I know this sounds strange, but GOD does strange things and I believe he does everything for a reason. When you get this you call me at 972-249-8912. Thanks Anthony Hickman

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Tori. I'm 17 and live in Ohio. I watched Jessie's story on yahoo! buzz yesterday and I think it really is a terrible thing you're going through. You must be so worried and scared about what may happen, but it's normal to feel that way. I don't understand why it's innocent children who have to go through things like this, but just know that you have so many peoples' support. We're all cheering for you and Jessie. I went against my work's dress code today and instead of wearing the normal white blouse, I wore pink and when my manager asked why, I explained and he was fine with it and said if I were to be able to get ahold of you to give you his best. With that being said, I send many hopeful wishes your way and I can't wait to hear about your trip :)


If for any reason you would like to establish contact, my email is rockertori106@sbcglobal.net