Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Magic Kingdom and a Looooong Day!

Good Morning,

Yesterday was a very busy day. We got up early and met the Warricks for breakfast. They are a very nice couple from North Carolina and we enjoyed talking with them so much that we spent the entire morning with them. Jake, Josh, Matt, and Noah really hit it off and ran around the village playing video games and putt-putt. Sam, big brother to Noah, was a good big brother to all of them and played with them as the adults talked. Jessie bounced from the train to the other boys, to the grown-ups. I think that there may have been too much "boy" for her playing around.

Noah, also has Rasmussen's Encephalitis, and we were so fortunate to be here the same time that they were here. It was so comforting to talk to someone with a child with the same issues. Noah is a month or two more advanced than Jessie but his symptoms are so close to Jessie's. Please give a long prayer for Noah and his family today and an especially on April 16, because Noah is having his hemispherectomy that day at Duke.


Yesterday, we enjoyed the Magic Kingdom. We didn't get there until about 12:30, but we were able to enjoy almost the whole park, because we didn't have to wait in line. Make-A-Wish and Give Kids the World kids don't have to wait in line for the rides. Everyone was so nice to Jessie and the boys. They gave us a stroller for Jessie, which was a life saver, as her legs are begining to hurt some now.

It was crowded, and most of the good rides had about an hour or more wait, and we got through the line in minutes. We also had a special lounge for Wish kids that we could go to and cool off and they provided soft furniture, drinks, and games for the kids while the grown-ups rested.

Thanks Disney and Magic Kingdom for such an incredible day. From now on, I don't think that we will try to do so much during the day. Jessie get so tired so quick anymore that we need to relax and enjoy the day. That is our goal for the rest of the trip.

We'll keep you posted, and thanks for all the comments, emails, thoughts, and prayers.

Kristi and Cris


Susie said...

We are so glad you are having a great time... Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy....

Thank you for posting while you are gone... it is wonderful to see smiles on everyone's faces !

Robert said...

I am so thrilled to hear from you each day and see the pictures of y'al and particularly Jessie having so much fun.


Uncle Bob and Aunt Alice