Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We Made it To Give Kids the World


We arrived yesterday at Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, Florida, near Orlando. http://www.gktw.org/

American Airlines was so nice to us. They came and found us, and then let us board before anyone else...even 1st Class. All the kids got to go into the cockpit, and the Captain let Jessie sit in his lap. On the flight, the attendents welcomed Jessie and the boys, and brought them BIG Cookies and Stacks of Chips. Thanks American Airlines!

When we arrived at the airport in Orlando, a Give Kids the World volunteer met us at the terminal and took us to baggage claim and to get our car. She was great, and gave us a big welcome hug before we left. She told us to leave our problems at the airport, and don't pick'em up again until we got back to the airport. Good Advice.

When we arrived at GKTW : WOW! This place is amazing and all about kids! I haven't seen an adult sized chair or table since we arrived. Upon arrival, Jessie was given her own Minnie Mouse stuffed animal, and the boys each received a Shamu. We grabbed a bite to eat at the Ice Cream Parlor and a little treat. The kids can get ice cream anytime that they want (well, us too); a bananna spllit, a sundae, a malt or shake, ice-cream bars, whatever they want, anytime they want and the people are so friendly.

There is also a Magic Castle, Video Arcade ( No quarters needed here), a putt-putt golf course, fishing pond, train, pizza truck, a movie theatre, restaurant, pools, and more. I think that the kids like to chase the lizards most of all, though. They're everywhere.

We checked into our Villa on property, which is a two-bedroom house. It is roomy, even for our large family. When we came in the door, there was a bag full of presents for the kids. They loved it. We went for a quick swim, where the kids took turns pushing the "Big Red Button", which sprayed water across the pool.

The funny thing, is that you don't see many people around. It's like having a theme park resort to yourself. Mostly you see staff and volunteers and they are always so friendly.

Jessie and the boys put on their PJs, and then we went back into the village for more ice cream and looking around.

It was a marvelous, but long day, so we all went to bed. The kids were asleep before their heads hit the pillows.

Oh, yeah, we are going to meet the Warricks tomorrow morning for breakfast. Their son, Noah, has Rasmussen's too, and will be having surgery at Duke soon. We are so blessed to find another family that we can talk too while we are here.

Thanks for all of your prayers.

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