Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jessie's Photo Shoot


Heather Mclelland over at Wood Bend Photography http://www.woodbendphotography.com/ did a Photo Shoot with Jessie last Sunday, and they had a blast. Of Course Jessie is a HAM to begin with, so this was right up her alley. At first she was a little shy, but she quickly joined in and had loads of fun with Mom. The images are wonderful !

"Not another Doctor's Appointment !"

"Hmmmm, This looks like fun!"

Sweet Jessie

I love you Mommy!


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Anonymous said...

These pictures from the photo shoot are just awesome. She can really pull the neat expressions from both Jessie and Kristi. Dad and I look forward to seeing more of the photos. We hope you can get in some shots of Cris and Jessie, as well as shots with Jessie with Matt, then Jake, then Josh.

We love you ALL so much!

Gran and Papa