Friday, April 11, 2008

Off On Adventures!


Today we decided to check out Adventureland at Universal . . . but first we had a little diversion after breakfast at the Village. We stopped to see our "favorite" purple dinosaur and his cohorts and have our picture taken with them. Don't tell the boys we posted a picture - they will be so angry at us! ;o)

We had a wonderful time checking out Adventureland and then Cris and I had a blast from the past - we had a late lunch at A&W Root Beer! We both remember going for burgers and rootbeer when we were little. The kids enjoyed eating in their own miniature cars.

The rest of the late afternoon / early evening was spent swimming, looking for Jessie's star in the Magic Castle, and eating ice cream before tonight's festivities began.

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Jo Anne said...

Eating a burger at A&W in the mini cars looks like a blast for the they still serve the root beer in the minature mugs? Looks like the grand time you are having defys description..but Cris you are doing an excellent job of keeping us all in the loop..and wishing we could go even as adults and have such a joyous time !!
God bless you all in the many months ahead..we're all praying for Jessie very strong ! your Mom's friend , Jo Anne
PS. I have a picture of Jessie on my computer to remind me every day not to take the health of our children and Grandchildren for granted.