Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Late Night Newsflash : 9:20 PM ; Bedtime Tuck-In by Mrs. Merry !


Oh, I forgot to mention that the mayor of Give Kids the World Village is a rabbit, and his wife's name is Mrs. Merry. The kids have seen her here and there in the village throught the week, and have even received a hug or two. Tonight at dinner, she came by to give hugs and wave hi, and Jessie asked her where she lived and if she got to take a nap today. (Her volunteer buddy for the night told us this.)

So to Jessie's suprise, we got a knock on the door tonight, and it was none other than the mayor's wife, Mrs. Merry coming to tuck the kids in bed for the night. Jessie gave her a big hug, and the boys ran away to the back room as quick as possible.

Mrs. Merry spent about 15 minutes with us tuck all the kids in bed...yes even the boys, and then gave us an autographed picture, kissed Jessie goodnight, and drove away in her rabbit car.

Of course, the kids didn't go to bed after that. Who knows when we will finally get them in bed tonight.

Love to All.

Kristi and Cris

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