Friday, April 25, 2008

On Coincidence


A good friend of ours, who lives on the other side of the pond, named Maura Flint told us recently that she doesn't believe in coincidence. When she said that, I thought to myself "how strange to not believe in coincidence". Surely if you consider all the billions and billions of possible combinations that occur in your daily life, some of them will coincide and produce results that seem to connect.

OK, that was the old Cris. As we travel our journey with Jessie, I'm starting to believe less and less in coincidence, and more and more in the fact that God has a plan for us, and that if we listen, trust in Him, and use our brains, we will follow the plan that He has for us. I truly believe that Jessie is destined for great things, and I honestly believe, that because of her life, she has done great things. She has brought people together in the community. She has softened people's hearts. She has inspired people to try things that they wouldn't normally do. She has given people faith, hope, and love where it may not have existed before. I, myself am a better person. I may have been saved by my 6-year-old daughter.

I have some stories that have come out of Jessie's sickness, that I would like to share with everyone. They are special stories of lives crossing, and special things happening, and things that are definitely NOT just coincidence. I want to write them down, before I forget them as they are replaced by other miracles that seem to happen each day. The stories that I am going to write are all true. Most people who tell stories, especially in Texas, like to embellish, because let's face makes a better story.

These stories that I will write about over the next few days, however, I will not embellish or stretch, but I will tell them exactly how I remember them. I have not told these stories before, because I'm not sure that I could tell them face to face, and keep my composure, so I will write them here.

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