Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mickey Mouse and Sea World

This morning, we were greeted for our daily send off by none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and Belle. They came all the way from Disney World to say hi to the kids in the village. What a nice surprise....and no lines. They spent so much time with the kids and it was a special treat.

At breakfast, we asked Jessie where she wanted to go for the day and she told us quite confidently, "I want to go to Sea World." The boys groaned. They want to go somewhere with more rides. Mom and Dad want to go somewhere else too, because we have a Sea World in Texas. So we ask again and get the same answer. This time..."It's my Wish, and I want to go to Sea World to feed the dolphins." OK, she's starting to use the "It's my Wish" thing a little too much, but...I guess that it really is HER WISH. So we say, "Come on boys, we're going to Sea World today!" Another groan.

So we get to Sea World, and Jessie gets to go to the front of the line to feed the dolphins and the people at Sea World let Jessie and the family in, and then give us a good 5 minutes before the others were let in. It was amazing for Jessie, and all of us!

Matt then wanted a tatoo and I begrudgingly agreed. Jessie decided on beaded hair, and Jake and Josh wanted a dolphin toy and a sword, respectively.

We also went to Walmart afterwards, and let the kids pick out a toy for Noah in North Carolina, who will be having hemispherectomy surgery for Rasmussen's next week. We are going to send that out tomorrow. We sent him a nerf gun also to shoot hospital staff. 10 points for a nurse, 100 points for a doctor, and 1000 points for a neurosurgeon. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

When we got back to our villa today, there was a present on the table again. Evidently, every day, they leave a present for Jessie and the boys. They have left DVDs, computer games, stuffed animals, back packs, toys, and more. This place is amazing.

Every one here would rather not be here, but if you have to be in this situation, I can't image more of a dreamland for a kid than this place.

I hope that you enjoy the pictures. Thanks again for reading this blog and thanks for the thoughts and prayers for our beautiful little girl.


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looks like the kids had a great time at sea world! :)