Saturday, February 23, 2008

2nd Opinion Visit at Medical City Dallas - Dr. Steven Lender


Today we took Jessie to see Dr. Steven Lender at Medical City Dallas. This is where the twins were born and spent their first two weeks in NICU.

We explained to Dr. Lender that we were there for a 2nd Opinion, and he listened to Jessie's background. He also did an examination. The twitching in her left hand and fingers was pretty bad, and she had significant loss of dexterity in that hand.

He asked if Dr. Chacon had seen this and we said "no", because we hadn't been in to see her in a while.

Dr. Lender told us that Dr. Chacon was doing all the right things, but that we need to get in to see her IMMEDIATELY, that he suspected Encephalitis (Inflamation of the brain).

We left and made an emergency appointment back at Cooks, and Dr. Chacon agreed to see us the next day.

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