Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jake and Josh : Kristi's Mom and Dad Come for a Visit


Today is Jake and Josh's 8th Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Jake and Josh!!! When did you grow up so much?

Last weekend, we had Jake and Josh's Birthday at Mineral Wells State Park. It turned out to be the best Birthday Party Ever. We had about 25 kids there, and some had never been camping before.

Thanks so much to my Mom, Dad, and Step-Mom and the other parents. We couldn't have pulled it off without them. We didn't lose a single kid in the wilderness or to wild animals, and only one kids got a little burn on his finger. That'll teach him to touch fire. :-)

It was so nice to spend our day focusing on Jake and Josh and not on Jessie. I hope that some day they can look back on this chapter of our life and understand why we focused on her so much, and I hope that they can forgive us for not spending more time with them.

Happy Birthday my fun, goofy guys!!!


Kristi's Mom and Dad (Nancy and Gary, aka Gramm and Papa) are here from Cheyenne, Wyoming. They brought us down a VIBE Machine (Electromagnetic Therapy) to see if it would help with Jessie's seizures. Evidently, they've seen some amazing results on people with varying problems, including seizures.

It was a great visit as always, but too short. They got to see the boys play Flag Football with the Ft. Worth YMCA. It was a good weekend.

Unfortunately Jessie's twitching is now 24 hrs per day, and she has lost some use of her left arm and hand. We're going for a second opinion in Dallas. We'll let you know how that goes.


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