Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back in the hospital for another LP, MRI, and PET scan


Jessie is back in the hospital again. This time, we will be in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit until Wednesday. More wires on her head and lots of IVs, and blood draws. Dr. Malik is looking at Celiac Disease maybe. Dr. Chacon had mentioned something about a Dopa-Receptor Dystonia, and of course Rasmussen's Encephalitis is always in the back of our mind.

Dr. Malik has hooked up two leads to Jessie's hand, and has the camera focused on her hand to see if he can see a correlation between her hand twitching and her epileptic spikes. If this correlation is made, it indicateds Epilepsia Partialis Continua (EPC), or Continuous Partial Epilepsy. This would mean that she has a continuous seizure and this is a common indicator in Rasmussen's Encephalitis.

Through all of this, Jessie is so tough. She still finds a reason to laugh and try to trick the nurses into being tickled.

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