Thursday, February 21, 2008

Complex Partial Seizure at School


Oh god! Jessie had her second seizure today. She was in her Kindergarten class, just waking from a nap, when another child told the teacher that she was just blinking and staring into space. She also had lots of jerking, but we were not there so can't really say exactly what happened.

We do know that her teacher was amazing in handling the situation and so was the rest of the staff. Her principal, Mrs. Seay tried to get in the ambulance with her, but they wouldn't let her ride with Jessie to the hospital.

I got a call at work about 12:30 and rushed to the hospital. By this time, Kristi was already there, and Jessie was already back to normal and awake. She was very frightened, and didn't know what had happened. I can't even imagine how scared she was. We don't know how long this seizure lasted.

It is official, Jessie has epilepsy. That's OK. We can handle this. We are a strong family, and together can manage anything. We will get her on an AED (Anti-Epilepsy Drug), and she can live a normal life.

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Erin said...

How scary, we just found out earlier this year our son is having the same type of seizure!