Saturday, February 23, 2008

The twitching is back - Back to the Hospital - Let's try Zonegran


Jessie's hand twitches constantly again and as bad as back in December. Dr. Chacon wants to try Zonegran, so we do. The twitching doesn't get any better and Jessie does some really strange things. She begins to talk nonsense, and has some SPS with visual disturbances. One, she lost most sight for a few seconds.

So we discontinue Zonegran and let Dr. Chacon know.

The Simple Partial Seizures are back to about one per day again, and she has lost so much function in her hand that she doesn't like to use it. It mostly just hangs down. She CAN use it if you ask her to, but she doesn't like to.

At this point, Kristi and I are more scared than we've been since this whole nightmare started in August of 2007. We feel like there is something dreadfully wrong.

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