Saturday, February 23, 2008

Simple Partial Seizures - These aren't so Bad...


Another Hand Seizure. We are starting to worry that these things aren't so benign as they seemed at first. Jessies left hand seems a little less coordinated than it used to be....but maybe this is just in our imagination. Grandma said that she noticed it before us. She wants to buy Jessie a plug-n-play video game to help with her left hand coordination.

Theresa at cooks said we don't need to report every one of these simple partial seizures.


One Head Seizure, and one Hand Seizures today and a Sleep Deprived EEG at Cooks. Of course, she didn't have a hand seizure while hooked up to the wires.


Another Hand Seizure. These are pesky little guys!!


Today Jessie had two more simple partial seizures. The first was like yesterday. We now call these "Hand Seizures". The second one was a new one. She said that the Right Front of her head hurt and made the sound "bong-bong-bong" for less than 30 seconds with some eye blinking, then she was OK. We call these "Head Seizures".


Today Jessie had another Simple Partial Seizure where her left hand and arm jerked for less than 30 seconds, and then she was ok.


On 11/01/2007, Jessie had a strange seizure today. We are going to log it as a Simple Partial Seizure, but we don't really know. Her left hand and arm begin to shake vigorously for less than 30 seconds, and then stopped. She was aware the whole time, and told us she was ok immediately following the episode. She evidently had two more of these at school today, but we didn't see them. These don't seem so bad at all. Maybe things are getting better or the medicine is starting to work to control her seizures. Three simple partial seizures a day seems better than one of those nasty Complex Partials.

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