Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seizure #3 - A BAD ONE !!


Today started out bad and got worse. Jessie woke up around 6:00AM and had a bad Complex Partial Seizure. She vomited what looked like lots of saliva, and mostly stared. I caught this one on video to show the doctors and Kristi administerd Diastat (It is a valium like drug administered rectally). It is called rescue medicine and is supposed to stop seizures that go on to long.

The seizure did stop, and Jessie slept for 30 minutes or so. She woke up hungry and had some breakfast. We decided to keep her home from school, so I took the boys to school. On my way to work, Kristi called and said that Jessie was going in and out of a seizure-like state. I rushed home, and so we decided to drive to Cooks Children's Hospital as quickly as possible. This was begining to look like something that we read about called Status Epilepticus. These type of seizures go on and will not stop. They can be life threatening. We decided that we could get to Cooks faster by driving than waiting on an ambulance.

By the time we got to Cooks, she had been seizing for a long time. It was definitely Status Epilepticus, and they had to give her Ativan, and who knows what else to stop the seizure.

After Jessie was stable, they sent us up to the EMU (Epilepsy Monitory Unit).

Account of day in our notes:
5:55 AM – Tummy hurt (Epigasturial Aura), threw up, then went into a blank stare seizure. She wouldn’t lay down. Pre-seizure stomach ache, vomiting (saliva), staring, drooling, no talking, some eye movement (twitching and turned to one side), sometimes head turned to one side, some repetitive arm movement, little leg movement.

(Caught Seizure on handheld Video camera, Review for specifics) Mostly very little movement.
6:00 AM – Gave her 7.5 mg Diastat, seizure stopped 5 minutes later.
7:15 AM – She was hungry, ate some cereal, Gave normal dose of 4ml Keppra
7:45 AM – Threw up again
7:55 AM – Same type of seizure as before, with neck/head turning.
8:40 AM – Got to ER, Wet bed, Fever, and high White-Blood Cell count.

EEG Results from Cooks Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
Jessie’s first EEG on August 7 resulted in some “irritation” (or as the nurse today said), slight seizure activity when she was sleeping.

The video EEG revealed no seizure activities (no underlying seizure wave form) – nothing that predicts or suggests that Jessie would have a seizure. Her beta waves were pronounced due to the meds she was on and the nurse said her right hemisphere is slow in the background.

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