Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not So Good Day - We Think the Medicine Change May Be Bad

Jessie had a couple of short Simple Partials today at school (eye, hand) and her teacher reported them promptly. Thanks Erin!!

When she got home from school today, she had a bad Complex Partial, and Grandma had to push Diastat. I hate to call these complex partials, because she jerks so much, but it is driven by one side of her body. I still don't think that they have generalized to the right side of her body (Left side of brain). First Time for Grandma to use Diastat, but she did Great, and even cancelled the ambulance call. Thanks Mom!!

Medicines : Today was the second day that she was tapered to 20mg Prednisolone, the first day that she didn't have any Keppra in the morning, and the first day that she had a third (mid-day) 100mg Tegretol. So who know?

It could have been the meds, or it could just be the progression of the disease.

Theresa, Dr. Chacon's nurse from Cooks, is getting the Medical Records sent off to Hopkins. Thanks Theresa!!


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