Thursday, February 21, 2008

Neurology Follow-Up Visit : Dr. Chacon


Today, Jessie went in for her second visit to Dr. Chacon at Cook's Children's Neurology Clinic. Dr. Chacon made the following diagnosis:

Diagnosis: Focal Onset Seizure Disorder in the right frontal lobe.

MRI Results – normal
EEG Results - normal

Take home message – Jessie’s first 2 seizures happened without medication. It’s like drawing a line and starting over – we need to be observant, log changes in behaviors, emotions, academics, side effects, seizures or possible seizures to help us put together a better picture of what is going on.

Our best hope is that an Anti-Convulsant drug (AED) will control her seizures.
**Note : We tried Trileptal first for a few days, but she began getting a rash. She was then put on Keppra.

Watch for grumpiness, being emotional, irritability, and headaches – all are precursors for seizures.

Please God make this control her seizures!! This is really getting scary.

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