Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moving Forward with the help of God and our Family and a little Humor


Dear Family, Friends, and those Concerned for Jessie, I am so sorry that I have had to tell you the news that you have just read in the previous posts. I am almost caught up to the real date, and after that, this will be our primary correspondence with those that are concerned or interested. This way, I will not forget to communicate, and we can communicate how Jessie is doing from anywhere in the world.

From this day forward, We promise to try to stay upbeat and positive for Jessie's sake. Please feel free to put her on prayer lists, light candles, or anything else that you think might help.

Please don't be afraid to call us or come by and visit. Jessie doesn't know what is going on, and she is still a happy little girl, that loves to talk and sing, and will make you laugh over and over again. She is still in school, and doing fine. Please don't run away from her.

We are all confronting this head on. Don't be afraid to ask us if you have a question. Also, children's brains are very elastic, and her left brain will just have to start doing some of the things that her right half had to do before.

Who knows, Johns Hopkins might tell us that it is something else, give her a shot, and she'll be cured forever. Only god knows what is next for Jessie and us. We have a strong family bond and we will get through this.

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