Saturday, February 23, 2008



Thanks to all of the people that have helped us through the past 7 months and we are so sorry that we will continue to need your support and help as we move forward. We are really just at the begining now.

Thanks to our parents and family for helping out with the kids, and the constant communication over the phone and email to keep us from having a nervous breakdown.

Mom, Dad, and Gail. Nancy and Gary. - There are no parents better than all of you.
Cindy - Thanks for all the drug advice
Michelle - Thanks for being there for your big sis.

Erin - You are the best K teacher in the world to keep such a positive attitude through all of this. I know that you truely love Jessie.
Robin - You are the best Principal in the world. I will never forget you trying to get into the ambulance with Jessie to go to the hospital after her bad seizure at school.
Marcia - You are the best Nurse in the world for not being afraid of diastat, and Jessie's continuous visits into your office.

Our Co-Workers for covering for us and providing support, empathy, and encouragement.
Everyone at BNSF, especially Jeff, Bill, Lisa, and Valorie.
Everyone at Alcon, especially Bill, Rebecca, Jim, Paula, Quinn, Terry, John, and Chris.

Our many friends for listening to our constant ramblings as this unfolded.
Chris and Cody
Tim and Dianne
Todd and Susie
Kevin and Lisa
and many others

Our new friends on the internet who have already bravely gone through this process.

And especially Jessie who has taught us so many lessons over the past 7 months that we could have never learned on our own.

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kaci said...

Dear Jessie,
we are thinking of you!!

Love Kaci and Colton
:) ♥♥