Thursday, February 21, 2008

Welcome to Neurology and Epilepsy 101


Today we went to Cook's Children's Hospital and Met with Dr. Chacon, one of the three Pediatric Neurologist (Epileptologist). She examined Jessie, and scheduled an MRI and EEG. She felt certain that Jessie had a seizure on the boat.

Epilepsy (or sometimes called Seizure Disorder) is usually diagnosed after a person has had at least two seizures that were not caused by some known medical condition like alcohol withdrawal or extremely low blood sugar.

If you are interested in learning about Epilepsy, this is a good site that has helped us tremendously.

So Jessie may have epilepsy. She will defintely have Epilepsy if she has another unexplained seizure. We asked to not go on anti-seizure medicine immediately, to see if she had her second seizure. We had read that sometimes kids have one seizure, and never have another one. This is what we were hoping for.

We were upset with the thought of Epilepsy. Our kid!! That only happens to other people's kids. Well, if that is what it ends up being, then we can deal with it. Lots of people have epilepsy as we were begining to find out.

So we will just wait and see if she has another seizure. We felt certain that she wouldn't.

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kitykity said...

It was really interesting to read about epilepsy. I didn't realize how common it was.