Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All is Still Well with Surgery

A quick update. Everything is still going well. We get regular updates, but they are "doctor" updates and don't tell us a whole lot, just that all is well.

I think that they are anticipating that the surgery will be over by around 4:30PM, then she sill we moved to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

God Bless all of you for the comments. We read every one, and we are so touched to know that so many are thinking about Jessie and our family.



Anonymous said...

We love you guys... thank you for updating us in your stressful time... Prayers are Awesome! Love Susie

Anonymous said...

Before today morning I didn't know your daughter, but within couple of ours I feel that I fell in love with her. She is so cute & nothing bad can happen to her. God bless her.


Anonymous said...

I am a resident of Baltimore, and saw the story on I just spent the past 2 hours reading the entire blog, your little girl and entire family is in my thoughts and prayers! You couldn't ask for a better person to perform her surgery!
Stay Positive and Strong!
Lauren Heagey

Anonymous said...

We were sitting and waiting just where you are on Feb. 14, as our little granddaughter had her hemispherectomy. You are in our prayers.
Love, Sydney's Grandma

joy girl said...

God bless you and give you strength to get through this. She will be fine.

Love Grace
Dallas Tx

PS a prayer... God, we have one specail little girl and one specail problem. As you have let jesus walk on water, as you have turned water to wine, as you have loved us eternely, as you have risen from the dead, and as you will help this girl jessis in her journey... Amen.