Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Comments on the WJZ Websites to Share

Jessie is still resting quietly. She blinked her eyes a bit today and squeezed Kristi's hand. We are still seeing a bit of movement in her left hand which is totally unexpected! Not much movement in her leg yet. She needs lots more rest. Her head is still constrained so that the surgery side is up. This allows the cavity to fill with cerebral spinal fluid which serves as a brain cushion. Rest, Rest, Rest.

Here is a link to the WJZ comments from their producer. They are special, along with the many special comments from all of you.



Anonymous said...

Praise God for the movement in Jessie's left hand! That is so awesome! As I've read through some of the comments left for your family I see Him being glorified again and again. What a blessing to be able to cause others to stop and I think about what God has done for them!
Love and prayers,
Penny Brown

Anonymous said...

stay strong! caroline purvis aledo

Jodi DeMay said...

thank the lord that shes moving her left arm and hand... ive been following Jessie's story since she came to Baltimore and I was in tears when i found out that today shes doing well after surgery... i know Jessie is a strong person and she will make it thru this with flying colors... please accept my prayers from my family and i cant wait to see more updates!

Anonymous said...

May God continue to bless Jessie. We are praying for her and your family continually.

Wayne & Charlotte Karitis
New River Fellowship

Anonymous said...

Praise God! I will continue to keep your precious little girl as well as your family in my prayers! What a wonderful testimony to His Glory!!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy that you are doing great! Keep resting! The Hall's have always been strong people.

Becky, Desiree and John Hall

Missy Price said...

"Hi Jessie! I have been praying for you. I miss you. We had a lot of fun on the last day of school and at our class party! I hope you get a lot of sleep and feel better. You are strong. I love you. I wore my I Love Jessie shirt yesterday and when I was sleeping and I am wearing it today too."

Blake Price

Kathy said...

I have to share what just happened as I was driving down I-20 in Aledo. I had just finished grocery shoping and was heading home. A woman pulled up next to me and was trying to get my attention. Not thinking anything was wrong with my vehicle, I noticed she pulled over on the side of the highway so I followed to be sure she didn't need some help.

She came up to my car and introduced herself like we had a connection. Well, you see we do--Jessie. I have "God Bless Jessie" in pink on the back of my car, believing anyone who reads it sends one more prayer up for Jessie. She had seen the signs around town but somehow has remained unaware of what they meant except "Pray for Jessie" she has been. Although she didn't really know what she was praying for, she had faith that God knew. She said she didn't know how things were going but she wanted me to know that she was praying.

I shared the story with her and yesterday's tremendous news. She was awed because she said said she was praying especially hard yesterday not even knowing about the surgery. She was moved to tears to have made a connection with someone "connected" to Jessie. Little did she know I don't know Jessie either, but we are all one with the Lord and I was a messenger today.

It made an impression on both me and my teenage daughter to think someone was so moved with compassion for someone named Jessie that she would flag us down that way. I feel it was a blessing to her to know the story to be able to pray with more direction.

She thought the signs were such a wonderful idea to even get one believer praying for the cause would make a difference. What a teriffic "grass roots" effort by Jessie's angels.

We agreed God Is Good!

Anonymous said...

You are all such great people. My husband and I had to make the decision to have a much more MINOR SURGERY! And that was the hardest thing in my entire life. He is only 2 1/2. I can't imagine what you went through, just knowing what we went through. He did excellent and I know Jessie will with all of the people you have praying for her. You made the right decision!!! I can see that your family and community love for such a sweet and vibrant little girl have not only made her who she is today but will pull her through all of this. My families prayers are with your family!!! Get well soon Jessie, your friend Nicole and the Schaefer family in Westminster, MD.

Teresa said...

Jessie, you are such a lovely and amazing girl. When I seen the picture of you sitting beside Jessie on her bed, it brought back a flood of emotions and memories for me. My daughter had surgery on her lungs at 6 yrs old, so I know the fears you are experiencing. Know what a great outcome she's having, moving here left side, she is truly a blessed child. Continue to be the fantastic parents you are and all our love from Cork, Ireland