Monday, June 30, 2008

Field Trip and What My Stinky Brothers Did on their Summer Vacation

OK, say what you wanna say. I know...I've gotten all kinds of attention this summer, but you know what? This summer bites like the shark behind me. I get to have brain surgery and look at what my brothers are getting to do....Humphhhhh !!!

Just kidding, my Dad wrote that stuff. I got to go outside today and go on a field trip to Children's House for an hour. I had lots of fun. Once the guards figured out that I had escaped so they made me come back to KKI. Here are some pictures of my field trip and what my stinky brothers got to do while I'm in the hospital. - Jessie (via Dad)


Biatriz said...

I just love these pictures! Jessie looks awesome! I can see some spunk in her eyes again. I'm so glad the boys are having a great time. It has to be so hard for them to be away from their sister and parents. Lots of prayers for all!

hugs from Fort Worth

kathy said...

Man! That looks like a cool vacation for your stinky brothers! I want to go there too.

I know it may seem not "fair" for them to be having so much fun right now when you are working so hard. But you hang in there and keep working hard. You are doing the hard part, that is for sure. But this is hard on them as well...they miss you and Mom and Dad. I bet they would much rather be in your backyard playing with you until Mom and Dad call you in for dinner. But you are on your way girl! You are making them, Mom & Dad and so many others very proud! Keep up the good work Jessie. Aledo is ready to get you home too! God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a fun field trip! I bet the boys wished you could have been with them. You look so PRETTY in your pink outfit! Mom and dad look good. We pray for strength for all of you everyday!
It was neat to be at the Ranger game. It was so HOT but fun. Got a few pics for you. I am sure Brad will be sending them to you or we can put them on a disk like the others. Got a pic of the guy that help make it all happen so you can have it. I know he (Hank) and Jamie did lots of work to make that happen. Pretty cool!
We check in everyday...thanks for all the updates. May God's face shine on you every minute every day!
blessings from the Morrows in Aledo.

Anonymous said...

From Alabama, Jessie, you look beautiful!! You look more like yourself than you have in a long time before your surgery. You look like a princess in that wheelchair and with all the pink fluffy pillows in your bed. Sleeping Beauty would be jealous!! Best of luck with rehab. Hang in there. It's tough somedays but you can do it!! Lots of prayers and love. Congrats on the pink jersey! My daughter would be jealous.
Healing prayers from Bama!

Kristie, Fort Worth, TX said...

It looks to me like Jessie's smile is not so crooked. Is it just me or is her smile starting to work on her left side? I don't know you all personally, only through your blog that I read every day, faithfully. And it looks like her left side smile is starting to work........... Jessie, you are my hero, to have gone through so much at such a young age, and yet you smile through it all.

JoAnn said...

I know it sucks being in the hospital but your day will come!! I am glad to see you smiling - it melts my heart!!! My prayers are with you and your entire family. Have fun with your brothers!!!!