Friday, June 6, 2008

Coincidence? - Another God Wink !!

I just wanted to let you know, that another big news story is coming out in the FW Star-Telegram on Tuesday before surgery. This is the medical story, and it will be the biggest yet in print media for Jessie. The lady who is doing this story is an award winning reporter who does all kinds of stories, including medical. Her name is Carolyn Poirot. Anyway, she was at the house on Wednesday with a photographer, and spent about an hour with us. I got a call from her this morning, and she seems very happy with the article, except Jessie was kinda grumpy and they didn’t get a lot of good pictures.

Anyway, on to the interesting story. It’s one of those “Coincidence?” stories? Hold on to your

We have received quite a few emails and calls from nice people who wanted to do something for Jessie. Make a blanket for Jessie, or build a box for her softball, or pray for us. So, about a month ago, we got an email from a lady named Debbie Fitzpatrick, who wanted to put together a scrapbook of Jessie’s Make-A-Wish trip to Disney. So we agreed and promised to get pictures to her as soon as we had some time. Well, we finally got around to it a few days ago. It’s hard to get some of this done with so many other things going on.

When I was talking to Carolyn, from the Star-Telegram, this morning, she said that she was working at about 11:45PM last night on Jessie’s story, and had the words right, but really wasn’t happy with the pictures. The phone rang, and it was her good friend and they chatted for a while. Her friend asked Carolyn what she was working on, and Carolyn told her. Her friend said “Oh My Gosh!”, “I’m working on that same little girl’s Make-A-Wish scrapbook, right now!!” It was Debbie Fitzpatrick!!!

So, After they got over the “Coincidence” that they were both working on a project about Jessie, Carolyn realized where she was going to get more pictures. She called me this morning for permission and I gladly agreed.




Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME GOd!!! He is in control of everything. Jones family from AZ

Whitney Farley said...

i would like to make either a video of you guys [its one you make on the computer with pictures and put music on it its kind of like a video] i do one every year for christmas after ive gathered tons of pictures of each person in the family. its a WONDERFUL way to bring yourself closer to the ones you love and remember you all love each other. please email me and let me know what you think! i will be moving in about a week so after that if you agree id like to get started and then i can mail you the cd, and i will make TONS of copies to send to family members && of course keep one if thats okay with you. anyway if this sounds good to you i would really enjoy doing it, and i am only 15 so i see this is really all i can do at this point to help at all! please contact me and let me know what you think, if you agree i will of course talk to my parents about it. thank you!

whitney <333

i will include my email

God bless you and your family..
especially Jessie!

Whitney Farley said...

sorry that came out wrong..

i will make TONS of copies for YOU to send to family members..

&& i live in Aledo as well so it wont be too much of a damper to get it mailed. hehe