Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another Prayer For Macey

Today, Jessie wanted to go over to Johns Hopkins Children's Center to visit Macey and see if she wanted to come over to Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) to play. The two hospitals are connected via underground tunnels. So we wheeled Jessie over to Macey's room.

We knew something wasn't right when we got there and Tim and Mickey (Macey's mom and dad) were outside the room with relatives. You could see it in there faces when they saw us that things weren't going so well today. They told us that Macey didn't feel well enough to come play and that she had developed inflammation in her pancreas on top of everything else, so she was in incredible pain.

They are desperately trying to get her over to KKI to put her on Feeding Therapy here, so hopefully that paperwork will go through soon. KKI has a great feeding program.

So, please pray for Macey and her family, That
  • The Inflammation in her pancreas goes down
  • The pain subsides
  • Her digestive system begins working again
  • Her parents be given strength to continue on
  • Macey and her little sister Lilly grow old together


An update on Noah:

Noah, at last word is doing great. He is walking and is a happy 8 year-old kid. His mom said that he said "Mom, I'm better with half a brain than I was with a whole brain!" That's what it's all about Noah. Keep up the good work.

I haven't seen little Darel's parents around the hospital lately, so I guess that the liver transplant recovery went well.

There was a teenage girl who underwent a hemispherectomy yesterday over at Hopkins, and we met her mom. She was so scared. I can't imagine going through this surgery as a teenager. Please say a prayer for her and her mom. We went by ICU to visit today, but we couldn't go in her room to see her.


On a lighter note, I hear that some of you are headed to a Ranger's baseball game tomorrow. That is so exciting that the Ladycats are getting honored and that Jessie gets to be a part of it by proxy. I hear that there may be some pink at the game, so we'll be sure to wear our pink as well. We get to watch the pre-game festivities via a live feed over the internet, so I hope to see all of you tomorrow night. You may not see Jessie, but I promise she'll be watching you!!

I thank God tonight for all of the blessings that have been bestowed upon our family and for all of your support during these difficult times.



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to send Jessie and the two of you some love!

Love from Weatherford!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all i would like to say how wonderful Jessie and her parents are doing and the staff at KKI .Keep up the greta work Jessie i know you can do it all you need to time no need to rush .Crisi i will keep all the sick children in my prayers as well as you and Jessie and her mom and family members, i know her brothers and grandparents can't wait to see you all and see how wonderful Jessie is coming along .God Bless and keep up the great work .
God Bless you all .

stumbleupon said...

Peggy from Corinth TX

Jessie and gang, I have been following and blogging your story now with lots of love and care in my heart I know God is watching over you and you will recover. Keep up the good work honey. We all are out here praying and watching you everyday and see you improve everyday. Mom and Dad keep up the good work and kid the boys a big hug this week!!

krista yambo said...

just stoppin by to give jessie so internet hugs and encouragement!!!!Keep up the hard work!from the Yambo family

Brandy said...

We are praying and so happy to see all the blessings from God, especially since we don't always "see" them!!! Thank you for posting about all the other children that need prayers... they are being lifted up! Hope to meet/see Jessie and you when you make it back to town.

Mary Poppins said...

To Jessie's Angel-the web designer - Since I don't know who you are, and I had no idea you were up to such marvelous works, let me tell you myself that I haven't been able to stop crying since seeing your beautiful new webpage for Jessie. I still can't stop crying! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am FLOORED and TOUCHED by how beautiful the artwork is. It is so perfect, and EXACTLY what Jessie deserves. It boggles my mind. I am so thankful for people such as yourself who go out of YOUR way to brighten up other people's days and lives, by sharing your talents with them. I am in AWE of your talent and I am so touched, SO TOUCHED, that you created something so beautiful and priceless for 'OUR JESSIE HALL'. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am honored to be affiliated with such an amazing person, even though I don't know you, nor may never meet you- we have been brought together through Jessie. In my most humble gratitude - Caren Jennings

Kristin said...

1st...WOW! The webpage looks amazing.
The Ranger game tonight is going to be fabulous...I can't wait! I hope Jessie is able to feel the "pink blanket of love" surround her.
I will continue to lift Macey up in prayer, as well as her family. It is such a blessing that Macey has a friend like Jessie...someone who has amazing strength, character and courage.
Keep your faith and know that we are all...Continuing to pray for Jessie and your entire family.

Hugs from Texas...
Grapevine, TX

She Wolf said...

Hi, Jessie and family. I am continually encouraged by your progress. Keep up the good work. I will keep your friend, macey, in my prayers, as well as the other friends you have told us about. Take care, and may God continue to rickly bless all of you.


Anonymous said...

Jessie, Cris & Kristi,
We went to the Ranger game tonight, we left a bit eary due to the heat. Mrs. Grooms took some awesome pictures, she said they would forward them to you Cris. We are all so happy to hear of Jessies progress, but deeply concerned for her many sick friends, our family will be praying for the unit. Thanks for sharing! And the website ROCKS!!

Love from Aledo,
The Hefner Family

Anonymous said...

The website is so "pretty in pink", and just fitting for for the little lady in pink! We got our bracelets and t's today and love them, because they are all about you, Miss Jessie! Pray for Jessie is what we're doing, and telling all our friends to do the same! You are beautiful, just beautiful...thinking of you Miss Jessie and sending love, and hugs, and prayers. You keep goin' amazing girl! :) Praying for your friends too....
Love from your hometown,
The Owen's

Anonymous said...

I do not know Jessie, but am touched by the outpour of the community of Aledo. If Jessie needs any help catching up with school work or any private tutoring, I will be happy to help her out.. Please pass this on to her family.