Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Remembered

You know, I can't really recall the first time Jessie smiled at me as a baby. I used to stare at her for hours and hours and I know that at some point she did smile at me. I mean a real smile...not one of those "gas or poop" smiles. I real honest-to-goodness "that's my daddy smile". I just don't remember.

But I know in my heart that I will never, ever forget the Father's day that my sweet, Jessie smiled at me. That was today....and here's what happened. What a beautifully crooked smile.

Holly Killough and her two sons, from Weatherford, Texas stopped by the hospital today, along with Gail Brady. (We had never met them before) They live in the Baltimore area now and brought a dancing, musical flower for Jessie. You know, the kind that plays music and the flower dances around. This one sings "You are My Sunshine", which happens to be a song that I play on the guitar while Jessie sings with me. Anyway, I turned on that silly plant and showed Jessie. Well, Kristi and I got the most precious crooked smile that you can imagine. You see, it's crooked, because the surgery took away the left facial muscles. But what a beautiful smile it was and I will NEVER forget it!!

I hope that we can catch a picture of that smile next time and we can share it with all of you. Jessie's Angels.

I talked to Caren Jennings back home yesterday, and is moving forward quickly. It will be precursor website for website. I can't wait to see the results. I know that many of you are working so hard for this cause, and we thank you along with all the other Hemi kids and their families.

Today, Jessie played with a glove that we put air into. Still not much expression, but she played a little.

Her favorite games were "Whack Daddy in the Face" and "Throw Playdough at the Nurse"!

Kristi tried to get her to drink something and eat some Jello, but she just wasn't up to it. She isn't talking much either. It seems to hurt her to talk and it seems hard for her to bring her thoughts to verbalization. So she uses her hands a lot.

I, using the old "bribe" method told her that I would give her a dollar if she drank some apple juice. She just looked up at me and held up TWO fingers, as if bargaining for a better deal.

Here's nurse Kim. Nurse Pam is with her tonight. They're all great here!!

Please say a big prayer for a little boy named Dane tonight. He's back on the ventilator again for the 3rd time, and just can't seem to get that fluid out of his lungs. His grandma walked back to children's house with us tonight and was upset. You could see it in her eyes, yet she rejoiced in our good day with Jessie, despite her hardship.

Darel, who got his new liver is doing well. Praise God and his infinite power!

Sleep Well.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing day to remember. Happy Father's Day, Cris.
Your entire family has been blessed... with each other. Thank you for the updates. I check Jessie's blog every 3 to 4 hours for the latest entries.

God is with you.

Kristie, Ft Worth, TX

Anonymous said...

Cris and Kristi, how nice it is to get these daily updates, including the visuals. We continue to pray for Jessie and each of you every day. Today i talked to my parents who were asking how she was was doing. They were pleased with the good news about the succesful surgery. They wanted you to know that the church there is remembering Jessie daily.

Dave Alisentono

kathy said...

A smile, "bop dad in the face" game and negotiating a "counter offer"! Sounds like Jessie is letting you know she is in there, building up her strength to come back in full force! What wonderful news! Keep the faith.

God bless all the precious children and their families...please provide for their needs as You know best.

Cris and Kristi, how kind of you to invoke prayers for those you are meeting on this journy as well. What a difference you are making in so many lives.

Kristin said...

What wonderful news! Thank you for the updates. I, too, check several times a day to see if there are any updates on sweet Jessie.

God is so good. I am thankful to hear that Darel is doing well. You are doing amazing work there and I am so proud of you! Way to go!

My prayer for you today is that Jessie will continue to make amazing progress and will be in a regular room soon! I will also lift up all of the other families there who are struggling and trying to be strong for their little ones.

Praise God for Jessie's continued recovery! I know that sweet smile yesterday was truly the best Father's Day present you could have received.

Continuing to pray for each one of you....

Grapevine, TX

Herb said...

May God bless and be with you during this difficult time. My family and I pray for Jesse's recovery and for her soon return to Aledo. The entire Aledo community hopes and prays for the entire Hall family. Thank you all so much for the updates concerning Jesse's recovery.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Jessie is doing so well! Thinking of all of you lots! PICU can be an intense place to be-hang in there.
Tannis, BC

kitykity said...

That "whack daddy in the face" picture is priceless. What wonderful times to remember :) A little better every day!

Anonymous said...

Kristi and Cris... that sweet Jessie is on the road to recovery.. I know it is a long road ahead... but sounds like she is trying to get everything mapped out for herself... Thank you for sending us pictures... and Happy Father's Day Cris.. I am sure that smile was special.... big hugs to all of you... susie

Anonymous said...

First all i would like to say thank god he is looking over Jessie and letting her do a little at a time no need to rest into nothing .Cris i like to say Happy Ftaher's Day to you and i know how you felt when you seen your baby girl have that smile on her face . I am so happy Jesie is doing well i know she has a long road to go down but i know and others know God and his angels are looking down on her. I come to Jessie's blog everyday and even sometime 3 or 4 times a day to see how she is doing . I am so happy she is doing good . Hang in there mom and dad and everyone else .God Bless


Anonymous said...

Happy father's day Cris!!! Boy, I am so happy for you guys she gave you that half smile, I was in tears. Thanks so much for all the information on the blog, our whole family checks many times a day for your progress. We'll be praying for you and the others there in the PICU. Stay strong.
The Hefner's in Aledo

laci said...

i dont have internet at home so i couldnt wait to get to work this morning to check on jessie!!!

Anonymous said...

you are a constant on our hearts...I hope you are staying strong and taking care of your self. It has got to be hard on every part of you to be where you are at...we pray for you regularly...for each of you and your part in all of this, and most of all for the healing of Jessie. stay strong and remember Brody's favorite verse right now...I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me. Phil 4:13
we constantly pray for God to cover you with His hands and His feet.
keep the faith and Kristi where the shirt when you feel you need His constant presence.
loves and hugs,
jada, brad, shelby, and brody

Anonymous said...

Cris and Kristi
I think that she looks great in the pictures, Cris. In he handful of times that I've been around Jessie at some t-ball games, I've gotten to see a little bit of her personality. It's hard to imagine that most of that won't persevere! Keep your heads up!!
Elizabeth Gleaton, Comanche

Anonymous said...

I think that she looks great in the pictures, Cris. In he handful of times that I've been around Jessie at some t-ball games, I've gotten to see a little bit of her personality. It's hard to imagine that most of that won't persevere! Keep your heads up!!
Elizabeth Gleaton, Comanche

Chrissy S. said...

Jessie and Family,

I am so glad to hear that little Jessie is doing well. Thank you for keeping us updated on her condition on this blog. We've been thinking and praying for you all since we first heard your story on WJZ. I wasn't sure if you had anymore of the pink bracelets for Jessie but if you do, I would love to have one to help spread the word. Take care and God Bless you!

Chrissy Stary and Family

Lisa Doherty said...

It's Nolan's mom again. We continue to pray for Jessie. I think she looks great condidering what she has been through. The scar is amazing. Nolan's scar is a zigzag across his head (different surgery) and he now thinks that it is pretty cool. Being at Hopkins on the pediatric floor is so hard. I always pray for the kids there. You all have such amazing strength (especially Jessie). I am so happy that progress is being made.

Anonymous said...

Kristi and Cris
I hink that Jessie looks really good in the pictures! Much better than I expected!! I have been around her several times @ t ball games and seen her big personality and feel certain it will persevere!! Hang in there!!
Elizabeth Gleaton

Vicky Luttrell-Baltimore said...

Dear Chris and Kristi,
What an amazing Father's Day &
Mother's day, a smile for you!
Jessie looks beautiful... I remember
when my Mother had brain surgery 13
years ago how worried she was when
the bandages came off. I told her she
was the most beautiful woman in the
world! Jessie is the most beautiful
little girl in the world. She is so
amazing, so are her parents! I pray
for all of you on a daily basis...
also all the other little children
you ask us to pray for. I look forward to reading your blog every
morning to see how the little princess is doing. Thank you for
sharing her with all of us. All of
you have a special place in my heart. I hope Jessie had a good
day today. Thanks for taking the
time to share the pictures of her.
God bless all of you.

Bethie said...

Good evening! My name is Beth Westerfield and I live in Texas City, TX. Cris, we are cousins! Our grandmothers were sisters, and our moms are cousins. Your mom calls mine "Sissie". I have 2 little boys ages 9 & 11. They are aware of Jessie's surgery and I update them whenever I read the blog. I hope you and Kristi are taking time to eat and get some sleep. I know it is hard to remember to take care of yourselves when you are overwhealmed with caring for your baby. We send many prayers and strong good energies your way! I'll keep myself updated on Jessie girl's progress.

Love to you ALL!

Jane Stefanik said...

We heard on the news (WJZ) that Jessie ate ice cream today! Yahoo!!! Gosh, we have never even met your family yet, it seems like we know you...Jessie is a star!! One day she will look back and read all the people that she touched and know that she is an Angel from heaven!!

Jane, Samie & Nickie

grooms family said...

The pictures are great- you can already see the ornry jessie coming out!! Your comments made me laugh - hitting dad and throwing play doh-- sounds so much like jessie.. Our prayers are with you all and all the families in the picu--- everyone in a unit like that needs all of our ongoing prayers-- GOD bless you all -hope everyone had a great dad's day --

The Meiers said...

Thank you again for the updates. What an awesome report about Jessie's smile on Father's Day. We know Jesus was smiling, too, from ear to ear. :) Praise God!! Praying hard for you all...
Jason, Mary Lou, Zachary and Lexi

Anonymous said...

It does my heart so much good to come here and read that Jessie is doing good! Still Praying for all of & for Jessie's full recovery! What a great Father's Day! Rest well and God Bless!

Allie said...

Praise the Lord! Thank you so much for the updates- it is such a joy and a true honor to walk beside your family, our treasured sisters and brothers in Christ, and witness the incredible progress that Jessie is making (looking forward to seeing that smile soon!!). My family loves to read how Jessie is doing- while talking with my mom today, she asked (referring to Jessie), “So how is our girl?!” Please keep us posted on how we all can be praying for you, Jessie, and the other precious little ones in the PICU. Much love and many prayers.

Southlake, TX

holly said...

i pray dane is okay and great daryl is doing well! its cool funny that she was bargaining for more money!