Monday, June 16, 2008

Jessie Made "Newsweek"

Today Jessie's story was in Newsweek.

We are pleased with the publicity and awareness about the surgery, but we wish that they had mentioned how The Hemispherectomy Foundation and Jessie Hall Hemispherectomy Scholarship will help lots of kids and their families.

Keep watch for website coming online soon to help these kids.

Looking forward to another good day tomorrow. Cris


Anonymous said...

well that is good new that she is do so well . and made it in the newsweek . love you hope she gets better soon .

Anonymous said...

Hello Hall Family,
I have never wrote to you guys before but I have been following your story all since the begining and I just want to let you know how much of a strong family I think that you are! (I never really knew what to say, I mean, what do you say to family who is going through such a hard time but with so much support?)I think it is so awesome how fast Jessie is recovering! She is such a strong little girl, wise beyond her age! I have been through so much in my own past and I know that it is hard right now, but just look how Jessies story has brought not only your family and town closer but a lot of the country! Bad things happen to good people, but there are some good things that come out of bad situations! My prayers are with your whole family!!! Keep doing what you have been!

Anonymous said...

Ever since I heard this story on WJZ, I, too, have watched and waited for updates. I will keep Jessie, and all of her family, in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to hearing that "Jessie has left the building - aka hospital. Keep the faith and prayer does work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cris and Kristi,

What a blessing you are - being able to take your faith and hope to other parents there in PICU who are hurting, afraid and anxious. I will continue to pray for you to be strong and for the Holy Spirit to give you devine appointments where you can minister to others needs.

Also wanted to share with you that God woke me early this morning to pray for Jessie and others there in fact it was REALLY EARLY this morning! I don't know why God has to wake me up so early to pray, but He certainly knows why. So He did. And I did. :-))

I want to encourage you to keep standing firm on God's Healing Scriptures for Jessie's Restoration, Healing and Rehab! Her progress is amazing and we will keep watching for updates as you are able to post them. Thank you for keeping us so well informed!

I have a whole list of them (healing scriptures), if anyone wishes to copy them to look up.

Y'all Be Blessed BEYOND Measure today! Have a SUPERnatural Day!

Love, Prayers and Hugs from Aledo, TX

1 Cor 15:58
1 Cor 16:13
Luke 21:19
John 14:26-27
Proverbs 3:5-8
Hebrews 5:7
Matt 18:19
John 14:14
John 16:23-24
1 John 3:22
1 John 5:14
Isaiah 53:5
1 Peter 2:24
Exodus 15:26
Psalm 103:3
Acts 10:38
Matt 4:23-24
Matt 8:16-17
Matt 18:18
Matt 9:35-38
Acts 3
Acts 5:15-16
Acts 28
James 5:14-16
Romans 3:4
Mark 11:23-24
Psalm 42:11
Nehemiah 8:10
John 10:10
Proverbs 20:12
Romans 8:2
Psalm 119:89
2 Cor 1:3
Mark 9:23
Psalm 127:3
Mark 16:17
Jer 1:12
Psalm 146:8
2 Cor 4:4
Mark 7:35
Psalm 103:20
Gal 3:13
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Eph 1:17-18
Eph 2:6
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1 Cor 6:19-20
Psalm 107:20
John 1:14
Isaiah 53:4-5
Proverbs 4:21-22
Psalm 103:3-5
Romans 8:11
3 John 2

Anonymous said...

Jessie, so good to read that you gave a away a few more smiles today. Looking forward to you being back in Texas, so we can play the piano, guitar, and sing a few songs again. I will make sure to wipe off my germs of your recorder. Love.

Anonymous said...

it would have been nice if they included that.
still praying for jessie!

Anonymous said...

Although I don't know you and yours personally, I wanted you to know that I lift your family up in prayer to Our Most High. I follow your blog faithfully and rejoice in the knowledge that slowly but surely Jessie improves. I will continue to pray and spread the word to others to do the same...

Anonymous said...

Having three children of my own, I can not imagine how difficult this whole experience must be for you and your entire family.
I just wanted you to know that I have posted your daughter's picture and story on my blog. It has warmed my heart to see just how many people out there care for little Jessie. Not a day goes by that someone has not messaged me and to tell me her story touched them. So..I wanted to take this time and let you know that you are not alone. I'm sure you know by now there are many many strangers out there who think of and pray for your family continuously. I just wanted you to know I was one of them.
God bless you. I can not wait until I see a picture posted here of Jessie giving ya'll a big hug... until then please know "we" as a collective are giving you one ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Good new's, sound's like thing's are going just like God want for one of his Angels.Her story has touched me like you would not believe and I would like to thank you guy's for the update's that you give us.I have a Son and can't believe the way you guy's are handling this but it was your only chose your Jessie.In a time when all we here is bad new's and junk on our t.v this is what we all need.Jessie show the strength and courage most people never can,and she is only six.That alone tell's me that there is a God and He can do anything.I lost my faith over the year's but now I'm back because of Jessie.Her story in Newsweek is good but it should be a movie.God bless you all keep rockin Jessie! James Haver de Grace,MD.

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for your beautiful girl. Thank you for letting us follow you through this blog. You truly are an amazing family.
God Bless you all.