Saturday, June 14, 2008

Better Day than Yesterday

Today was a better day than yesterday. We pray that each day gets better for Jessie and we see more progress. We don't really know what to expect in terms of progress, and each kid recovers differently. The brain is such a complex machine, even the neurologists don't understand many things about the recovery process. I get the feeling that they don't want to say too much, in case she doesn't recover as well, or as quickly as they expect.

Today, she was awake more than yesterday. Her eyes were distant when I looked into them, and that is scary for parents, but I'm sure this will get better. For those of you who know Jessie and her dynamic, outgoing personality, you will understand that seeing her totally emotionless is hard to take. Dr. Carson says that personality doesn't change, so we are soooo looking forward to getting our Jessie back. I know that you are too. I'll let you know as things comes back.

Dr. Carson came by today. He said that things are going well, and he is encouraged by her left side movement. He reminded us that a whole lot of rewiring is going on right now in her brain and that we should be patient.

She listened to her brothers and grand parents on the phone today. We broke the rules in the PICU and used our cell phone.

She also honked Kristi's nose today...but with a blank look on her face. That was wierd, but encouraging at the same time. She wanted to put her finger in my ear and she kept raising her hand and looking at it. Strange behavior as her brain figures out how to work again.

All-in-All, we were encouraged by the day.



grooms family said...

hello- glad to hear of the progress-- remember- this is a slow process -as you know ---stay srong and give it time!!GOD will take care of her-- we just need to be patient--- our little sweet angel JESSIE HALL will re-emerge very soon ----------love and prayers- grooms family

alexandra grooms said...

Dear Jessie, I love you very much
Jessie Hall. You are the best little girl in the whole universe and world. I can't wait to see you in the Texas hospital. You are the little sweetest girl in the world.
I'm glad that you are doing better than yesterday. I love you. jessie hall .love alexandra.

cassie grooms said...

dear jessie, you are the best little girl in the whole world. I love you. I had alot of fun going to mcdonalds with you and matt. thanks for letting us play with you at your house. I am glad the surgery went well. I can't wait to go see you when you get back to texas. I pray for you everyday. I want to do alot of sleep-overs when you are well --I miss you--love,cassie grooms !!!!!

cassie grooms said...

p.s-- tell matt hello and I miss him too ---- cassie grooms

Anonymous said...

Hang in there dear old friend...if there is anything we can do from here besides pray, let us know.

Eddie, Tina and Lucy

Anonymous said...

Remember "things" will get better and better everyday in everyway ...
God has you all in the palm of His hand AND Jessie held to his heart.
Kailey (our 9yo daughter) planted pink pitunias today in honor of Jessie. You are all in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Kailey and I are going out to rock on the porch and watch the stars for Jessie and ALL of you. It is a peaceful night here in Cheyenne and a good time to talk with God.
Love from Wyoming, Les,Mihceal, and Kailey Silvey (HUGS to you)!

Anonymous said...

Hope and Prayers that there is much rest for the Hall family tonight, and even more good news for tomorrow. Thank you again for taking the time to keep us posted here on Jessie's progress when you have so much going on. And remember, there is much love and many more Prayers headed your way. I Pray that you can draw strength from us all just by knowing that in heart, we are all with you and more so that by knowing God is too. God Bless from Georgia.

Anonymous said...

hello i am dianne and ihave ben flowing the story and i am very tuched that she is doing so well . what a wounderfull places to be and have wounderfull dr that we have . god bless you and jessie .one day at time . that all we have . you have a brave girl . you can email me at ps ware do we get the braslits i want one to keep in my book or ware at all time .

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see she is making progress, it is slow and hard but before you know it, things will be better, it took gabby about 2-3 weeks for the emotionlessness and blank stares to come to an end. It is like a real spaced out look, but that will change soon. The hardest part was gabby had alot of nerve pain during and after the swelling went down, and she was uncomfortable but the kept her pain medicine for a few weeks and then we tapered her off. Her personality will come back stronger than ever and that is by far the best part....prayers and warm thoughts krista and rick and gabby yambo!!!

The Merritt Family said...

From Cheyenne, WY

Each day we read about Jessie everything seems so remarkable. The prayers will continue as long as necessary for Jessie's recovery and we will also add other PICU children to the prayer chain.
The power of the Lord is so amazing and there is comfort knowing he is part of Jessie's recovery.

Try to take time for yourselves, and I know that is easier said than done, but it will be important to your sanity as well as Jessie's recovery. Put everything in God's hands and just take one day at a time.

Thank you for keeping everyone in the loop with your daily entries about Jessie. It really helps to keep us updated to the progress Jessie is making as well as helping us understand what you are going through. We care a great deal about you.

We Love you and God's Blessing,

John, Cec and Family

Anonymous said...

Stay stong Cris and Kristi. May HOPE, FAITH and LOVE blow your socks off!

Reading every word of Jessie's blog, and keeping y'all in our daily prayers.


Debbie Henreitta - A L E D O

Vicky Luttrell-Baltimore said...

Happy Father's Day Chris...
I want to thank you and Kristi for
keeping us up to date on how Jessie
is doing.I pray for you daily (also
for the other little children you
asked us to pray for), I am so glad
Jessie is doing so well. Healing
takes time, before you know it you
will have your precious little girl
back! You and your family are so
amazing,I was just awe struck the
first time I saw Jessie's story on
WJZ. I will continue to pray for
all of you, each and every day!

mamajean said...

This whole process with Jessie and her healing and what is going on within her room and the rooms around you is so important for you to tell.Think of all those people who have no clue what your family is going through.Your blog is opening alot of eyes what happens to our children in that hospital is a long hard road and sometimes the angels come and it is harder for the family to comprehend God's plan.I am so grateful you mentioned Faith; he illness was quick as well as for going to Jesus.How is the liver recipient?Perhaps, because of your blog maybe you could encourage Jessies followers to go get there drivers license changed to organ donor and also high school and adults get tested for bone marrow matchYour followers could save a mommy of five or a child of five; what a gift;to sustain someones life.Faiths family is hrting,I am told from one of their friends;please pray for them.Thanks again for your blog.
I hope that maybe Jessies eyes are that way because of the meds and they will clear up.Her computer(brain) is still rebooting.Do you have a tape of papa singing so that when she shows pain;maybe it would deter her from the pain.Just play it soft so you can barley hear it and play easy listening songs he sings.Just a thought.You need your sleep make sure you get some.I know from experience when she has pain you want to say never mind,we quit,stop I cannot do this and you tell the nurse she is in pain and needs something and you feel like a half hour has passed befor they bring her anything,stop.Take a deep breath in through your nose and out yor mouth;and then say a prayer and thank God that Jessies is alive AND that she is able to feel and move and talk.Things will change,but right now TRUST,LOVE & PRAY.Pray also for all those babbies that around you and whose parents are alone both from lack of family support and that alot of them do not know Christ and are doing this alone.Please everyone pray for them and their babies that they might see all the spritual support Jessie and family are getting and that by seeing this and experiencing the outreach and love Jessies parents do,that perhaps one person might be saved today.In Jesus name

Anonymous said...

A Father is a Blessing

A Father is a blessing so kind, so strong, so wise,
He's the first to give encouragement the last to criticize,
The one you know will lend a hand, the last to turn away,
The one who always seems to know the perfect thing to say,
A Father is a Blessing- so wonderful and dear,
And the special things about him are cherished more each year.

For all the loving things you've done in your own special way,
for all the sacrifices that you've made from day to day

For your patience and your wise advice For faith and trust and prayer
God bless you with life's deepest joys and keep you in His care.

Happy Father's Day Cris!!!

Love and Prayers,
The Adams
Doug, Lee Ann, Brandon and Ray
Aledo, TX

Anonymous said...

God's grace be with all of you as you continue this journey. Without knowing Jessie or any of you personally, you have become a part of my family and are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your precious child with us.

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day! You are a GREAT Dad!!! Jessie is so fortunate to have both of you by her side as her parents!! As the days go forward it will be an emotional rollar coaster, a great day then a not so great day.....this is the process of the progress...thank you so much for continuing to share this,


holly said...

its so great that her personality wont change. i hope the rewiring happens as best as it can, her poor brain i working overtime now. happy fathers day