Friday, June 6, 2008

A Foundation : A Reality

Leave it to the people of Aledo to THINK BIG. What started out as a simple Scholarship has turned into the dream of a Multimillion Dollar Foundation to help Hemispherectomy Kids all over the world with College, Trade Schools, Rehab Equipment, Life-Aids and support that they need to live a virtually normal life. What a DREAM !!!

Well this dream IS on it's way to becoming a reality. Today, as I write this blog entry, we have an attorney and a CPA working on setting up a legal and legitimate 401c non-profit foundation called The Hemispherectomy Foundation. All work is pro bono.

I just got word today, that we have a Web Developer who is excited about getting started on the new Hemispherectomy Foundation Web site and this guy is GOOD. He has an artistic side, as well as a technical side that has produced some amazing internet websites. His work is also pro bono.

The Hemispherectomy Foundation is about raising money for kids and getting them what they need for a better life. NO red tape, NO administration costs.

So if you are interested in getting INVOLVED at ANY LEVEL:

There is something for everyone!! From those who can pray, make phone calls, mail out letters or who have superb ideas to share– to those who’d like to organize a fundraiser, or be placed on a list to help with it in some way. We can find a place for YOU! THERE IS a place for YOU here! Our philosophy is to involve as many people as we can, so more people are blessed by the experience, the sacrifice and growth. Spread it all around! And that way, it also spreads to more people - their friends, their families. More people are touched by the spirit of it all, and consequently, by the Spirit of God. I can't think of anything that God would like more than to see these kids receive blessings.

So, if you want to help and be a part of the beginning of something really BIG, just let us know. We have projects, of all sizes, waiting for leaders and/or people of action. "Right Now" people. Summer is here, what else do you have to do. What is more rewarding than helping kids who need it.

To get on the list, please send an email to Caren Jennings @ . She has a list of projects, or if you have one of your own, in mind, that you want to run with, please let her know so efforts aren't duplicated. God Bless You All !

I'm about to go into "Dad" mode now, full time. I have a little girl to take care of, and my focus needs to shift to her. I apologize if I don't write as much, over the next few weeks, as I have in the past. I also apologize if I forgot to write about something that I should have. I'll try to keep everyone up-to-date as we move forward. The bottom line, is that I love my daughter, Jessie, more than anything in the world, and it's time for me to take care of her like never before. If I have to hold her hand all night and sing to her...I will. If I have to carry her on a treadmill to teach her how to walk again...I will. Every parent who has gone through this before, tells me that it is going to be harder than ANYTHING that I have ever done in my life. I guess it's time to face it ....

All of you reading this right now. I'm talking directly to YOU! YOU, Jessie's Angels! YOU have made Jessie and our family feel loved. YOU have held us up to God in prayer. YOU have rallied around Jessie beyond belief. YOU have wrapped your loving arms around our family and made us whole when there were only broken pieces. YOU have helped us survive over the past few months. We could not have lived without YOU! YOUR love will follow us all the way to Baltimore and that memory will give us the strength that we need, and that Jessie needs to get through the next couple of months.

We love all of YOU.

Good Night...


mominaledo said...

We were out of town this weekend and missed your send-off. We'll be praying for Jessie's recovery! I hope you had an uneventful trip to Baltimore. Carrie Huhtanen

Anonymous said...

Hi Readers!

The send off this morning was really neat, the Hall's had no idea what Caren Jennings had up her sleeve. The Hall's were lead out of town in a PINK-ed out firetruck (thanks to Firemam Bob) and a caravan of pinked out suv's! Jessie said while riding in the firetruck, that it was a "Pinkilous Parade"!

There were many who waved, blew them kisses and had signs of prayer, love and support for the Halls. Special Thanks to Pastor Sherman and everyone at Trinity Church for coming out to wave this morning!

Cris and Kristi,

We will be with you in spirit in Baltimore!

Lots of Love and many prayers,
Lee Ann Adams

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with ya'll... Sunday was inspirational... We love ya'll... update us when you can... love ya.. the Shields's

Chris R. said...

My brother - We love you guys and know that we are with you. We will be praying for you, your family and Jessie this week. You guys inspire us... especially Jessie.

See you soon in Baltimore....

The Rohlands.

Anonymous said...

here is a short video clip from the send off on Sunday!!!

Jessie is in the yellow firetruck, with her dad Cris, and mom, Kristi.

Well wishes and Fathers Day cards for Cris Hall can be sent


Cris Hall (dad)
Kristi Hall (mom)
Jessie Hall

c/o The Children’s House at John Hopkins

19115 McElderry Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21205

To be part of Jessie's Prayer Vigil (for the next 7 days) please email Megan at we want Jessie covered heavily in prayer the next 7 days.

for scholarship or foundation donation information contact
Caren Jennings at

texlo said...

We will be holding Jessie and all of you in prayer this week. See you in Baltimore.
With love,

Anonymous said...

Cris, Kristy, and Jessie,

We hope all is well in Baltimore. Please know that all of us at NRF in the Kidz Ministry are praying fervently for you. May God surround you in His peace and His love. May you stand firm on His word and promises! Jessie, we will save a special spot on the stage in kidzone for you until you can come back and help lead worship. We love you guys!

Clint and Kim Brewer

Anonymous said...

We are lifting your whole family up high and mightily in prayer as Jessie's surgery approaches. May God give you His peace minute by minute and the comfort that precious Jessie is in HIS loving care!

Our heartfelt love,
Laura and Randy Andringa

Kelly said...

Hi guys, I know you're worried tonight, and spending time together, just know that the Dawson's in SC are thinking of you. We've been there.... you'll be just fine. Life is about to change for the better. Instead of watching Jessie having seizures you will begin to see her get better each and every day. We are planning on being in the Northern VA area around the 19th of June, so if you're up to it we would be glad to get 6 yo Abby together with Jessie.

Kelly Dawson