Monday, June 16, 2008

One Day at a Time ; and a Fund Raiser from Nebraska

Tonight, Jessie remains in the PICU. She had a good day today. A good day means that it was better than yesterday; a few more smiles and she drank a little more, and she looked more alert. We even got a few crooked giggles out of her. Each day that is better, is a blessing from God and from the incredible team of nurses, doctors, and medical workers that take care of her. They are an amazing team.

You should see how Dr. Vining interacts with Jessie. She drew more emotion out of her in a few minutes than we had seen in hours. Jessie started smiling as soon as she heard her voice as she walked through the door. She hadn't even seen her yet. Diana Pillas, who is the out-of-state coordinator and councilor also helped bring Jessie out of her shell. She still has a long way to go, but we'll take it one day at a time.

We had the rest of her hair buzzed off today. It looks so much better now that it is even and she is proud of her GI Joe cut and head piercings. I have to uphold my promise now, and go get my hair buzzed. No pictures of that please...

They may have to give her a little blood tomorrow, because she is a little anemic. We'll see. Orders change as her condition changes. Also it seems that they get feedback from everyone involved in her case. It is so cool to watch how they work. It's quite collaborative.

She doesn't like to drink or eat anything, but we are managing to coax her into a few sips. So tomorrow we need to work on drinking liquids.

Coming Soon : Lots more pink "Pray for Jessie" bracelets. The demand has been outrageous, so the nice folks back home have been working hard to make that happen and help The Hemispherectomy Foundation and Scholarship at the same time. I'll let you know more as I find out.


I also wanted to tell you about a neat event that Kristi's sister, her family, and friends did for Jessie. It was in Lincoln, Nebraska and it was called "Running for Jessie". They all gave up their Saturday to go out and raise money for the Hemispherectomy Foundation and the Jessie Hall Hemispherectomy Scholarship. Thanks Guys!!!!

Jessie's Joggers : L-R: Cyndi, Jordan Ross, Kari Hatcliff, Barb Sieps, Kim Ross, Amanda Noah, Greg, Colton, Adam, Kaci, and Ron Kudron. Not pictured: Brooke Sejkora (couldn't race due to illness)

"We are so inspired by Jessie's recovery so far! We really have so much respect for all of the physicians, nurses and staff at John's Hopkins Hospital- Jessie has truely been touched by many angels there and we all thank them from the bottom of our hearts for making Jessie's miracle happen! Our hearts are soaring! Love, Cyndi"

**Please pray for a little girl named Jill tonight. She has been through so much with Leukemia treatments and has been so brave and strong for years. She is a cute little girl about Jessie's age and you can see the pain in her parents eyes when they talk about her.

God Bless, Cris


krista yambo said...

I would really like to praise you guys for keeping your heads up, with all the support it helps we really didn't get much for gabby we tried but just didn't know what to and we did not know a soul in fort worth as we left so cali to come to cooks for the surgery, so my husband and I would love to be involved in the hemispherectomy foundation, to help support and get the word out so when your lives settle down let us know, we would love to help....krista, rick and gabby we are praying for your family every day.

Kristin said...

Hi guys! I am so glad to hear Jessie is making continued progress. It definitely is "One Day At A Time." Cherish each and every moment as they are each a step towards a miraculous recovery. God has wrapped you in His loving arms to hold you and guide you through this trial. He provides just what you need when you need it. I am certain those precious little giggles yesterday were unforgettable.

I continue to pray for healing, patience, strength and courage for you all. You are an inspiring family...thank you, again, for continuing to share this journey with us. I ama better person today for the example you have provided.

Continuing to pray for Jessie and the entire Hall Family,

Grapevine, TX

Anonymous said...

Go, GI Jessie!!! You are a little soldier -- keep fighting!!

Dee Dee

Anonymous said...

Cris & Kristi,

Great news! Take it one step at a time and cherish each moment as they come. God is in control and things happen as He allows them to happen. He understands our needs and He provides everything according to our needs just at the right time -- He's never early or late, just right on time.

Cris -- we really need to see the buzz. Can't wait for those pictures :-).

Greetings, blessings, and prayers from the BNSF family,


Anonymous said...

YAY Jessie... drink lots today... get your strength back... Send us pictures of you and daddy's new do's... hahahaa.. One day at a time... step by step... we love you guys... susie

Anonymous said...

Cris and Kristy,

A lot of us here at Kristy's work have been hanging on every word of this blog. Thanks for the frequent updates and the beautifully written entries. I'm sure many of us would be interested in a pink "Pray for Jessie" bracelet, so I'm delighted to here that more are on the way and I'll be watching for more information.

Hugs to all of y'all and we hope Jessie has a great day today. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Cris, not that much hair there to buzz.... I know, I've see you before. All our prayers and love. Love the bolg

C Tucker - BNSF

Bertha Beall said...

I would really like to praise you her parents for holding your head up and keeping the world updated at A time you are experiencing so much in your life. I'm A parent of six biological and one great nephew and I could only imagine what you are going through. As Jessie has been A trooper through all of this and every little step will put her another step closer to recovery. I'm sure you all have A long road ahead of you and I pray that Jessie recovers and lives A normal healthy life. {seizure free}. May God keep you all safe. You have many prayers from here in Baltimore all the way to Texas. Cris& Kristi my heart goes out to you both for keeping up with this blog at A time when you are fighting A bullet that no parent would ever want to fight. Remember to take time for yourself as she needs you both healthy during her recovery. My prayers are with you all! Jessie you are A brave/ strong / amazing little ray of sunshine! You can beat this and you have alot of people even us { strangers pulling for your recovery} Now please DRINK!DRINK!DRINK!

Anonymous said...

God Bless you all during this time! Just know you have touched many hearts here in Baltimore as well as Texas! Jessie you are A ray of Sunshine! Keep your spirits up God will see you through! Our prayers are with you and your family! Mom And Dad you are great!!

pandi said...

I just wanted to let you know that I (and my family) are praying for you every day as we watch your progress. Please know that God is watching over you and has big plans for your life.

Cris & Kristi
We are praying for you also. You have such a beautiful daughter. I remember how it felt when my daughter was in ICU as a baby and not knowing what to do or where to turn. What you are going through is a mountain besides what I went through. Remember to keep looking up. There is a top to this mountian and God will help you through.
We are also praying for your boys. They will be a big help to their sister in the days to come. Stay strong and know that God is on your side in this battle.

Pandora in Florida

Jan said...

Hi Cris and Kristy,

Thank you so much for your updates ~ I look for news morning and night!

My thoughts and prayers are with you every minute! God and many Guardian Angels are by your side, and some of those Angels are the Doctors and Nurses that you see every day. If people don't believe in miracles, they should read Jessie's story!

Myself and lots of my co-workers here at Southwest Airlines Headquarters want some pink "Pray for Jessie" bracelets!

I think it's wonderful that you are seeing daily progress, an expression, a grin, a wiggle of the left hand or foot. I thought that was cute that Jessie responds to Dr. Vining's voice and personality. And what were the odds that you'd get Dr. Ben Carson himself to do Jessie's surgery? (MIRACLE.)

Jessie, this part of my message is for YOU. You are a HERO, you are BRAVE, and you are PRECIOUS!!! We all want you to get better day by day. Know that everybody in the world loves you! And...I know you look CUTE with your new haircut.

Many, many blessings from Texas to Baltimore!

With much LUV,
Arlington, TX

holly said...

that is awesome about the fundraiser! you must post pics of your hair! :-)