Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Correction to Star-Telegram Article

The Jessie Hall Hemispherectomy Scholarship is NOT for Jessie. It is "awarded annually to young people who have undergone a hemispherectomy and who have been accpeted into an institution of higher learning". http://www.hemispherectomy.info/

Jessie is doing fine, and we are keeping activity relaxed and upbeat as we prepare for surgery tomorrow morning.

We love all of you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Love, Cris and Kristi


Anonymous said...

Hello to your family. I found out about your little girl while having breakfast a few weeks ago at Cracker Barrel in Weatherford. I live in Mineral Wells and have a daughter who was born with Absence of the Corpus Collasum. This was discovered during my 5th month of pregnancy and at the time she was not diagnosed,the 5 different doctors I was sent to said she would have either have cerebal palsy, hydrocephaly, or spina bifida. They truly did not know. The doctors would only agree on one thing- prepare myself for a VERY sick baby. They said she would not EVER walk, talk, or speak. That was 15 years ago. She was born in Campbell Hospital as a healthy little newborn who looked perfectly normal on the outside. Not one doctor was correct, although her birth was bittersweet because as you all know, tests dont lie. We had to wait until she was one year old to subject her to an MRI but it was there --or rather -- NOT there as the doctors stated, the Corpus Collasum never formed. She had infantile spasms/seizures for about 6 months and they disappeared without medication. She spoke at age 6 months, walked at age 3.5 years, and toilet trained at age 13 years. She is developmentally delayed, has been diagnosed as high functioning Autistic. She attends school full time, loves music, nintendo, computers, and cartoons. She is a loving, sweet child. It has not been easy as we are now embarking on teenage years, and high school in the fall.But she has 2 younger siblings who are very supportive and loving and help her (and us) tremendously! I want you all to know that no matter what happens put Jessie in God's hands, afterall she is HIS child on loan to you. HE will provide all your needs on level you can only dream of of. Our child's condition is extremely rare but it is the "bridge" that gaps the two hemispheres of the brain together, without it she should not be able to function, but she does-- I live with a daily miracle, she has never been medicated and there is no cure or surgery available for her. Truly God's grace moves her and will move your little Jessie too. Trust HIM. Praise HIM. Lean on HIM. Just know that you can do this and you will be alright. I read your story and felt compelled to tell you mine.

Blessings to all of you, I am praying for you as I write this.

mominaledo said...

Glad to hear you're having an upbeat day... We've passed around an e-mail so many prayers will be headed your way while Jessie is in surgery. Carrie

Penny Brown said...

We haven't ever met but I'm a mother of 6 and live in Aledo. Two of my sons attend school at Stuard and one day recently as I went to pick them up early, Jessie and her class were on the back porch area playing PE games and as my sons and I walked through there she just stopped what she was doing and came over and said hello and gave me a big hug! She tried to get one of my sons also but he's ten and is pretty good at dodging hugs. She is such a precious little girl and I just wanted you to know that she and you will be in my prayers constantly tomorrow. My heart especially goes out to her Mom, since I am a mom and I want her to know that I will be lifting her name and the name of her child in prayer all day long tomorrow. It is my prayer that Jessie will be healed and whole in no time at all but I know that there are very difficult days ahead for all of you and I pray that God will give you strength and comfort as only He can. As I've read your blogs, I've already seen God being gloryfied through Jessie situation and I pray that will continue day by day. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

REad the piece in the Sar-Telegram today. It is touching as always. Please know that Jessie will be in my prayers for the next 24 hours and so will you. I can't even imagine the tremendous fear and anxiety you must be feeling right now. God is good and will be holding Jessie in His hands tomorrow. I know, from reading all of the comments here, that Jessie has got an amazing community of support. We will all be praying for ya'll (just wanted to include a little TEXAS in here for you). jessie has become an inspiration for so many people, myself included. As a parent, I cannot imagine the things your family has been through, but I know God is good...when everything else is blurry just remeber that God is good. Jessie will be amazing. She has displayed so much strength and character through this entire ordeal...God has big plans for that little girl. just wanted you to know that yet another family here in Texas is praying for you guys! Your story has touched me in so many ways. Take care. I will be checking the news website given out by Caren tomrrow for updates on Jessie. Try and get some rest. God bless you guys!

The Lacefield Family said...

Hello Hall Family....got to pray for you in your front yatd this evening. It is a honor to know you guys and partner with you in this season...the prayer vigil is blowin and a goin as they say here in TX. You are being prayed for every minute of the day! May God's peace that surpasses all understanding guard your heart and your mind tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Kristi and Chris, I've been reading your blog since the beginning and have been praying for Jessie along the way. I'm sorry I haven't written before, but you've been quite busy. I just wanted to let you know y'all are weighing heavy on my heart today and will all day tomorrow and until I can read your next blog saying that Jessie's surgery was successful and she's making a great recovery. I'm praying for her and all of you. God will be with her and y'all too. Keep the faith. I love y'all, Kelly Woody P.S. I'm wearing Pink to work tomorrow for Jessie

Jan said...

Will be thinking of you tonight as you try to sleep and praying for you all tommorrow. It's not going to be easy but YOU WILL get through it. Let God be your strength.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Hall family. This is from a group of women who have been following Jessie's story from the beginning of your blog. We know Jessie's grandmother, Barbara as well. We all have children and can only imagine the things you are feeling. Please know your family as well as the medical staff taking care of Jessie have been, and will continue to be in our prayers. We have also passed your story on to Sunday School classes and they will be praying for you as well. May God give you all much strength and peace through these next days and weeks.
Debbie, Mary, Mona and Kristy

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris & Kristi! Jaxon and I are thinking of you and praying for you. You will be in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow and throughout the coming weeks.

Becca & Jaxon Moore

Jackie Schutza said...

Hello Hall Family! May God's peace and comfort rain down on your family. Please know that you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers every minute of every day. May God Bless You!
The Schutza Family

Emily Heinrich said...

Dear Hall family,
I just wanted to write a little note to say that I'm praying for you. I don't know what all to pray but I know that God knows what you need. I pray God will heal your little girl through this surgery and that she will recover better and quicker than expected. I pray God will guide Dr. Carson's hands, keep them steady and strong. I pray that God's perfect peace that passes understanding would fill ya'll and guard your hearts and minds. (Phil. 4:6-7, John 14:27) May God give you grace and strength and comfort, may you feel His arms wrapped around you as He carries you through. (Isa. 41:10, 1 Cor. 1:3-5)
Love & prayers & blessings in Christ,

Anonymous said...

From the hymn "All Your Anxiety"

Is there a heart bent o’er with sorrow?
Is there a life weighed down by care?
Come to the cross, each burden bearing;
All your anxiety—leave it there.

All your anxiety, all your care,
Bring to the mercy seat, leave it there,
Never a burden He cannot bear,
Never a friend like Jesus!