Monday, June 30, 2008

Nolan Ryan Presentation and Dinner from a Baltimore Family

Jessie is doing well, but she has a Very Tough Week of Rehab ahead of her. Her schedule this week is grueling and she is having a bit of a pity party this morning...I guess that I would be too. We'll let you know how the week goes.


Macey was doing a little better yesterday. Tim said that she was in less pain and that her numbers were looking better. Hopefully we'll see her soon over here at KKI.


For those of you who saw the Rangers vs. Phillies game last night, you may have noticed that the stadium was a bit more Jessie Pink than Ranger's Blue. We'll, last night, the Aledo Ladycats and Jessie were honored at a pre-game ceremony, surrounded by thousands of screaming least that's what it sounded like over the cell phone.

Hall-of-Famer Nolan Ryan presented Jessie with a framed, Texas Rangers jersey, with Jessie's name on the back (#8 of course which was her T-Ball number). The jersey was signed by Mr. Ryan and all of the National Champion ladycats. How unbelievable humbling for us to see our child get so much attention. How do you ever thank the world for such amazing support?


Last night was also special for our family, in that we didn't have to eat Subway, Flamers, or Mama Mia's. (close to the hospital food). A nice family from near Baltimore brought us a beautiful Italian dinner and sat down and ate with us. Jane, Sammy(16), and Nicki(8) Stefanik provided us with a delicious dinner and delightful company. Thanks Guys!! Jane and her girls also brought Jessie a basketful of games last week while she was over at Hopkins.

OK, now the rest of the story. Come to find out, Jane works for the same company as Brian Melven...the nice gentleman who created the website. They had never met before, and now they've been in contact with each other and are trying to get a corporate donation for The Hemispherectomy Foundation. Isn't that Amazing!!! It is such a small world and one guided by such a powerful hand.

Warm Regards and I hope that everyone has a beautiful week. -Cris


Anonymous said...

Just letting you know we're all still praying daily for the needs of your family, Jessie's caregivers, and everyone involved - both spoken and unspoken. God is definately using Jessie to bring attention to a previously little known situation. She (and many others) is definately not alone! The therapy will be tough this week, but you ALL can do it - "All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me."

JD, Karen, Max, & Emma Davis

Anonymous said...

Jessie's blog looks AWESOME!!! Whoever updated it did a GREAT job!!

Prayers for strength for Jessie this week in rehab! (And mom and dad too!)

Love from Weatherford.

Anonymous said...

I will praying for all of you as Jessie faces this difficult week. It's so hard to watch our children suffer and I know you will need the strength that only our Heavenly Father can provide. May God bless your week with a constant supply of little rays of sunshine.
Love from Aledo,
Penny Brown

Anonymous said...

Jessie I know it is going to be a tough week sweet girl.. I know you can do it.. Try as hard as you can.... WOW... you got Nolan Ryan's autograph a letter from the President and a US Flag... You are one special girl Jessie Hall.... and we love you.... Susie

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear Macey id doing a little better! Pity Parties are ok to have once in a while. Tell Jessie we are all cheering her on! Here is a link to a website of another family we have been Praying for. Their children are very sick and they need lots of Prayers and support too.

As soon as I saw there website I knew I needed to post it here where all these loving and caring people could see it and share their Prayers too. May God Bless you in unimaginable ways today and everyday! Always in our thoughts and Prayers!

Biatriz said...

I absolutely LOVE the new blog. What a fabulous job the designer did. It is beautiful just like Jessie. I still pray for her and your entire family. God Bless!

hugs from Fort Worth

katy said...

hi! i just wanted to let you know that i'm more than willing to give you guys a break from restaurant food. i would love to bring you something homemade. i work for kki, but at another location. i know how tiring the food can be in that area.

also, i attend a church not too far from kki broadway. and if there is a sunday where you are feeling up to it. i'd love for you all to visit.

anyway, feel free to email me if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cris & Kristi,

Hey! Those "coincidences" just keep occuring!! I know there will be many for Jessie and y'all this week of tough rehab. I am thankful she is with us and able to participate in rehab! As always our prayers continue for you.

Love, Jerra