Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Bit of a Set-Back

Dr. Carson and Dr. Vining planned to move Jessie to Rehab today at Kennedy Krieger Institute, but she had a significant fever, so they decided to keep her until they could figure out what is causing the fever.

There are several possibilities, however, fever is common after this type of surgery.

So we're not sure when Jessie will be headed to Rehab. In the interim, She will doing Occupational Therapy and Physcial Therapy here at Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

On the positive side, Jessie ate and drank very well today and had a nice long wheel chair ride.

I must admit that WJZ-TV Baltimore (CBS) covered today very well, so I'll direct you to their website tonight, and I'll get to bed early tonight. Thanks WJZ for the great coverage and for letting me get a little extra sleep tonight.

Our Love and God's Blessings, Cris


Anonymous said...

We will Pray about this minor set back, and for Jessie. So glad to hear she has been doing do well, and love hearing about her cracking jokes! Hope you all rest well tonight. Thank you so much for the updates & God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I love the news videos, and it is sooooo good to see and here her talk on the phone. It was precious to hear her say "Hi Matt" and "I ordered Mac and Cheese today". Cant wait to see what other miracles are to come in the next few days.
Dave Ali
Dallas, TX

Anonymous said...

Thank you for always keeping everyone updated. We are still praying daily for Jessie. Tell her Nolan shaved his head too. God Bless - The Garcia's

Anonymous said...

Jessie... it was so great to see you up and talking today... I love and miss you.... You look super duper... Get rid of that fever and on to rehab... you are doing great... love ya.. susie

chelsburleson said...

i'm sorry to hear about the tiny set back. but, when i read the news article about how jessie said "is that my stinky brother?" i laughed out loud. she seems like a very fun, positive, energetic little girl, and i praise god for her. i praise him for her life and the way that at only 6 years old, she is impacting the world. that's pretty awesome. prayers!
your sister in christ-
chelsea, dallas, tx

Anonymous said...

I've been following your story, somehow drawn to your family. Totally off the subject, my niece (age 11) plays softball and played against the Aledo team last night. All I could think about was you, Jessie. Those Aledo girls fought hard. Our team was ahead 15-3, but Aledo came back and tied us up. Two extra innings were played, and sadly Aledo lost, but my goodness, what a team of young ladies. They truly represented Aledo and how young girls like yourself can fight and do anything. Keep up the great recovery, and keep those doctors in line.

Anonymous said...

Have met and followed your story through Sarah Alward's blog. She is following in Jessie's footstep and it is very eye-opening and reassuring to watch Jessie's fight and progress. I am hoping for the best for your family and the Alward family who faces this same surgery in the next week or two (she does not have a surgery date yet). Thanks for the updates!!

Anonymous said...

We will pray for the fever to go away!!! Sophie misses Jessie so much, last night she cried for her, I told her that everyday she is getting stronger and that she is working very hard to relearn so many things, it's hard for Jessie's friends to grasp what she is going through at the age of six. Thank you so much for letting us follow in this personal journey. That is so great to listen to her talk, so sounds like her old self!!! Tell her Sophie, Lilly, Hanna and Annie the horse say "Hello" and they miss her much. We pray often during the day and know every day her brain is learning all kinds of new stuff. Keep up the amazing job. We are all cheering here in Aledo.
The Hefner Familly

moon said...

Hope Jessie gets to feeling better real soon. Can't wait to see another smile!
Just wanted to pass along a message I got from someone who read about Jessie on my blog..
"what strong ppl. and such a brave little girl, I never heard of this disorder before so I am reading slowly so I will understand it, they sure have lots of support, I am going to send her a note, thank you so much, we need to be reminded every day that our situation could always be worse" This is written by a women who is very sick herself.
Just thought you'd like to know Jessie and your family continue to be an encouragement to many.
God Bless

walkingbyfaith said...

I'll definitely be praying for Jessie's fever to subside.

I'm so happy to hear how well she's doing otherwise. Eating, wheelchair rides..our God is SO AMAZING! :) said...

I hope the fever goes quickly and jessie can go to rehab! I think the bald head isnt too bad on you! Thank you so much for continuing to share your story. My daughter saw her John hopkins neurologist yesterday and it looks like we our on our way to maybe needing to make a decision about surgery in the next year for our daughter. SHe does not have rassmussen's but does have other problems and meds are not working well. It helps me to follow jessie and see what we may be up for. We met Jodi Miller, i beleive she was suppossed to visit jessie yesterday too.

Anonymous said...

hi. this is heather wratchford...i came to visit you today with my kids and gave jessie that hannah montana doll...i just wanted to let you know that i learned today that my son has epilepsy REALLY bad. it was a huge blow and i ask that you pray for my children. thank you for taking the time to chat with me and my family today. God bless you all.-----Heather W. in Hampstead, MD

Allie said...

We will be praying that Jessie's fever breaks soon, that she continues to gain strength, and that her energy is multiplied so that she can move on to rehab, and rock it! I love hearing that her sense of humor is out in full force! Keep those "stinky" brothers of yours in line, Miss Jessie! I know it can be a little tricky sometimes but you can do anything.