Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wheel Chair Ride ! and a Tribute to Granny.

Where to begin? So much happens in one day, it is so hard to know where to begin...

First off, my Granny, Quin Hall passed away last night. This is my Dad's mother, and I'm ashamed to say that I don't know her exact age, but I know that it is over 90. Please don't be sad. She had a very long life, and was a dedicated wife to my grandpa for well over 60 years. She raised 3 kids. my Uncle Bobby, my Aunt Marisue, and my Dad, Clifford.

She worked tirelessly at Abilene Nursery over the years, until my Grandpa and she closed it down several years back. She was a sweet lady, and active in her Church of Christ in Abilene. I have some very special memories of spending the night at her house and of Christmas Eves with my cousins, aunts, and uncles.

She will be put to rest at Elmwood Memorial Cemetery in Abilene on Friday, and I'm sad that I won't be there for the services and to pay my respects. Like I said, don't be sad, but rejoice! for she is at peace and with our heavenly father looking down on Jessie and will be watching out for her. Rest in Peace Granny.


OK, as's my bald head. Looking at this picture, I realize that Jessie got the better end of the deal. She has MUCH MORE HAIR than I.

Time for a wheel chair ride!!! Today, the Physical Therapists came by and lifted Jessie out of bed and put her in a wheel chair. She asked for a pink one, but they were all out. Out the door. Look Out World, Here I Come!!!!
After 5 minutes, she was all tuckered out and ready for a nap.

Some Other Happenings:

The Hemisphectomy Foundation and Jessie Hall Hemispherectomy Scholarship (JHHS) for College Age Kids.

We have received our first applicant for the JHHS. This will be awarded to a student who has undergone a hemispherectomy, graduated from high school and gone on to higher learning. The winner will be awarded the scholarship in July.

The Hemispherectomy Foundation paperwork is being drafted by our accounting firm (Shelton, Mead, Shelton) and our attorney (Gary Jordon), and will be in the mail to the IRS soon. The Board has been named and the website is also well on it's way to reality. Thanks Brian.

There is also a special interim website in the works that will be up very soon. You will be able to get pink bracelets, pink shirts and more...all to benefit The Hemispherectomy Foundation.

Thanks Caren, Mikel, Gary, Brian, Holly, and all of Jessie's Angels for all your hard work behind the scenes. You guys are GREAT and really kept things moving forward in Kristi's and my absense. This will be an AMAZING organization and help so many kids across the US who have undergone this miraculous surgery.

We are being approached by a couple of national TV programs for Jessie's story, but Kristi and I are taking things slowly, because we are not at all interested in doing anything that will not help the foundation and the scholarship. Despite all the TV coverage, we are not interested in TV appearances or having Jessie in the spotlight, unless it can help all the Hemi kids out there and there families. If anyone has any advice here, please feel free to comment.

Wow, did this all happen today?

Jessie is resting peacefully tonight, and hopefully she will have another great day tomorrow.

Praise our father in heaven for the miracles that our daughter has shown the world. Amen.



grooms family said...

wow again!! I just checked my emails and just checked the blog for the new update!! She looks terrific!! You would be tired too if you had half your brain removed only one week ago - I have always known she would amaze us all and everyday that shows --- rest well tonite and the pictures are great. Soo sorry to hear about your loss -- our sympathies are with you and your family-- grooms family

Anonymous said...

Cris sorry for the lost of your grandma. May she rest in peace.

It is great to see Jessie making progress. She is A trooper! Her courage and strength is very amazing. I know that you and Kristi are very proud because I'am and I don't even know you or your family. Over the past week I feel like I have known you all forever.I will continue to pray for Jessies recovery. She is A remarkable brave little girl! Jess keep up the good work!God bless and I'm pulling for another great day tommorrow. You are so beautiful!Best wishes!! said...

i'm so sorry cris about your lost of your grandma ,but she had a great lifethat she share with you and her family and many others . and you know that she very proud of you and jessie and she be there watching her from heaven . i so happy that jessie got her frist ride since the surgey and even it was a pink one but a lil paint don't hurt lol.but my family will contenue to pray for you and jessie . may god keep sent blessing your way every day.

Bundy's said...

I can't wait to get a shirt and wear it to work! Keep up your spirits! You guys are an inspiration to us all.
The Bundy's

krista yambo said...

I think that any stories even if jessie is featured it would be benificial to the hemispherectomy foundation because it would get the story out more and more awareness and you can make sure(hopefully urge)them to mention the foundation and I am sure many families would love to give there input because this is not easy and its very devastating to all involved in every aspect, I would like to also give my sympathies to your family for the loss of your grandma...and that she looks wonderful and its great for her to get up in that wheelchair-I hope she gets her pink one!!!!!!!!keep it up jessie

Pandi said...

I send my condolances to you for the loss of your grandmother. May she rest in peace.

I was excited to see the pictures of Jessie sitting up in a wheel chair. That's great.

As far as documentaries and TV, GO FOR IT. More people need to know that the foundation is there and what it stands for. Let people know that just because you loose half of your brain your life does not end. Jessie is also good inspiration for ANYONE who has to face a trial. She has been so up-beat and strong through all of this, when she could have given up. You should also turn this blog into a book some time in the future. I know several people (including myself)whould buy a copy just because Jessie has become a special part of their lives.

Tell Jessie to keep up the good work. God is looking out fo her.

Pandora in Florida

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures...they are great! It is so amazing she is doing so well! God is GREAT!!! Thanks again for all the schedule would be thrown off if I could not get up and check on her first thing in the morning!
Cris- sorry for you ALWAYS you and you family with be in my thoughts and prayers!
Keep getting STRONGER JESSIE!!!
Ft. Worth, TX

Anonymous said...

saretta(Kass's mom) said Our God is an Awesome God, and he is faithful to us. He is always with us. He has used Jessie to touch so many lives, to have so many people praying and coming to him.. I pray for Jessie each day, that she continues to get better, and I pray for the two of you, because i know how tiring a hospital can be. ya'll keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Cris...our thoughts and prayers are with you and sorry for your loss...

JESSIE! you look awesome... already in a wheelchair.. You Rock! keep it up and you will be having wheelchair races down the hall in no time....

Ya'll are awesome... love susie

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cris for the update. I must admit, I didn't notice much difference in your hairline :-).

It's great to see the wonderful progress each day. I keep praying that God would make Jessie recover at a miraculous speed, and I believe we are seeing it happen right before our eyes.

Condolences to you and your family for your loss. May God grant peace to you, your father, and your extended family in your loss. We have great comfort as Christians that we pass into a greater life of eternity with our Savior Jesus and our Heavenly Father, Yahweh.

May God continue to strengthen you and Kristi. May He grant you peace, comfort, and wisdom. May the abundance of God's blessings continue to fall your way.

By the way, I can't wait to see how the Foundation grows and the lives you will get to touch through it.


Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Cris. We are sorry for your loss!

Jessie looks great!!! She must have been so excited just to get out of the hospital bed. What an amazing day she had!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God for Jessie...She has been and IS an inspriration to all of us, even tho we have never met any of you, ya'll have become a part of my family. Sorry for your loss, but comforted by the knowledge that "Grandma" is looking down on Jessie and all her family. Keep the Faith and be of good cheer! The blogs are a part of my life now. Each morning I look forward to seeing all of you and keeping up with the 'news' of the day. THANKS JESSIE (One of God's special children).

Anonymous said...

Condolences on your Grandmother's passing. If Mystery Diagnosis contacts you guys that is a great show. It shows the struggles Dr's and the patients go through to get to an answer. When children are involved it also emphasizes how parents are their childrens best advocate and some of the most agonizing decisions a parent would ever have to make. Here at the BNSF we are always glad to see how well she is doing. Can't wait to be able to buy bracelets to distribute around to my team members.

Erica said...
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Erica said...

I'm a filmmaker in New York, and I would say go for a documentary- even if they didn't mention the The Hemisphectomy Foundation and Jessie Hall Hemispherectomy Scholarship (I don't see why they would be opposed to it)- it would still garner interest in Jesse's story, prompting people to find out more about her. It can only help! It will also educate people- I had never heard of a hemisphectomy until I stumbled onto this blog. And you and your family will also have a record- a time capsule- that Jesse will be able to watch when she's grown and may not remember all of the details. Do it!

Jan Hall said...

Good Morning Hall family!

What adorable pictures and I especially like the one of you two displaying your new "do's" and Jessie all tired-out with her hand over her face. I even saw her "heart" sheets on the bed. Cute!

Where do I begin? I echo the comments that so many are making. I think it would enhance the world for people to know about Jessie's story. Not only for now, but for the future. At the end of any program, the producers can put information put on the screen about the Hemispherectomy Foundation and Jessie's Hemispherectomy Scholorship Fund!!

I think that you have a unique opportunity that God has given you despite (and maybe because of) Rasmussen's Encephalitis and the impact it has had on Jessie and you, as her parents.

You are going to get so much money into the Foundation through sales of the PINK items! I know that my coworkers at Southwest Airlines want them, and I am planning a fundraiser for the Hemispherectomy Foundation. I will write you a private email about that.

Jessie is making a huge impact on this earth, and it is phenomenal.

I send my condolences to you about your Grandmother, Cris...and know this - Jessie definitely has her great-grandmother watching and caring for her from Heaven!!

My grown Son, Kerry, had testicular cancer twice and we went to Sloan-Kettering Hospital in NYC eight years ago, and I was alone with him there. I identify so much with you being away from home.

Have a wonderful Day, keep on Blogging, you have so many faithful readers. And SO MUCH LUV!!

Jan Hall
Arlington, TX

Anonymous said...

Yah! Jessie got to get out of her bed today!! She DOES look great!..and Cris..I'm diggin' your new "Chris Daughtry look!" :-) I think you guys should do a film as well! If will bring awareness to this disease and let other parents know that they are not alone! I think it's a win win situation! God bless your family! Sorry about your loss!

Anonymous said...

I would like to first say am so sorry for the loss of your granny. I am glad to hear she is up and able to be more mobile. It gives her a little bit of freedom. When she gets more energy you can take her hospital adventures. We did this just so we wouldn't get "cabin fever" as they call it. But on different note I think you should bring awareness to the whole world on Miss Jessie's story. I have never heard of this rare disease until I saw it on the news. I don't see what it could hurt by bring some more awareness. My daughter has a very rare kidney disease and only has one kidney do to this disease. So I think you should talk about her story and the foundation too. Doing so might just help one child. Stay strong and lots of rest, Miss Jessie. And may God Bless you and your family.

susieq from Baltimore said...


Sorry to here about your granny. May she rest in peace. I just read your story from beginning to end about your precious daughter Jessie. I find her an amazing person to go through what she has gone through. I hope for the best from now and in the future. You had one of the best doctors in the country working on Jessie. God Bless Her.

From Mother of 4 boys in Baltimore Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cris and Kristi,

You must be so glad to see Jessie's personality again!

She's back!!! And she'll be continuing to inspire us all for many months to come!

Way to go Jessie!

We are so blessed to see her being restored so quickly. We will keep praying for her complete recovery and for her to have amazing and astonishing rehabilitation!

Thanks for Keeping us all so "connected".


Anonymous said...

She looks fantastic. I am so happy she is doing so well. Praise god. I just can't believe how wonderful she looks and how well she is doing in such a short perod of time. Keep up the good work Jessie. We are all so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I think it so awesome how you see life now! I read all your blogs from the beginning a couple of days ago... and its amazing how you've changed since you've been going to church! Amen!!!
I pray that you continue to look to our heavenly father in your time of need! He's doing an excited job on healing Jessie!!

she looks soo cute in the wheel chair!

laci- china springs, TX

Anonymous said...

Cris and Kristi, the pics are great. I love the "Are we there yet" pic in the chair. Jessie making a V for Victory with her fingers. What a great victory shot.
Dave Ali

Anonymous said...

Chris and Kristi and Jessie,
It is great to see you up and going again Jessie!!! Keep truckin' your mom and dad won't be able to keep you down much longer it looks like. Just saw Ms. Huckaby yesterday. My daughter had her in second and third grade. She is great!
I think a documentary would be great just to inform people about what to look for with this disease and what you go through. With my epilepsy, the doctors didn't know what I was having at first, one doctor said I was having allergy attacks at night. Then I saw a man have a seizure on Dr. Welby, remember that show? I told my mom that I thought that is what I was doing at night. Not long after that I had a full blown grand mal seizure. Thats when my mom took me to the neurologist. So seeing it on TV might help someone who is going through what you went through the months you didn't know what was wrong with Jessie. I say go for it and also mention the Foundation and the Scholarship and maybe a website or phone number.
Sorry to hear of your loss Chis, my prayers are with your family.
Llora Jones
Aledo, TX

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. I meant to tell you to ask your nurse for a thickener for her fluids. They will give it to her at KK when she has a speech eval but there is no reason she can't get it sooner so that she can enjoy some liquids without trouble. I think it is called Thick sense and it comes in little packages for use with 8 oz. Good luck and I am checking each day to see how things are going. I love the pictures and remember that smile and the expressions on her face. Yall are doing a great job. Having faith in God truly makes this process bareable. Love you. the Motts

Anonymous said...

Dear Hall Family,
We are praying every night and day for Jessie. We have told so many people about Jessie and her blog. Thank you for the pictures of Jessie. I just got my Aledo Kindergarten pictures back and Jessie and Sydney are so cute in them. Cris, we are going to send you a burnt orange shirt! Love to all of you, Sydney Smith's Nana and Papa Richards in Roswell,NM.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessie Hall's Parents,
What you can do is accept the national TV Programs on one condition, they have to talk about the scholarship program. And they can't just say it once....they have to repeat it for a couple of days. It could really help the scholarship program.

Your Fellow Aledoian

Anonymous said...


Dear Jessie Hall's Parents,

What you can do is accept all of the national TV programs on one condition, they have to talk about the scholarship program. And they can't just talk about it once....they have to keep on repeating it for about a week or so. It would really help the scholarship program.

Your Fellow Aledoian

Anonymous said...

Jessie baby girl you look awsome in that wheel chair all i can say is that god has been working with you and your parents, you have AWSOME PARENTS baby girl .I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother Cris passing away and i truely do believe god and your grandmother understand why you cannot be there and you know as well she would rather you to stay with your ANGEL .Jessie has came a long way since her surgery and she is a big trooper and i know everyone is so happy to she Jessie come along as she is doing .There is nothing wrong with Jessie having a fever and staying a few extra days no need to rest . Baby girl you look AWSOME in that wheel chair too bad they didn't have a pink one for you .God Bless you all and take day by day .Keep up the good work .


kitykity said...

You head looks great! ;)

I would say, talk briefly to a lawyer (you can probably do this for free on the phone), but you should be able to draft up a contract that says a television/etc. company would have to use a certain amount of the airtime (30 seconds, etc.) to talk about the foundation. I would think if this is signed then they would not be able to air the program without this footage; and if they did you would be able to take them to court (which for obvious reasons they would want to avoid).